and how to overcome it.

what is negativity?

Its like a wall in front of you…here’s the thing

that wall can be broken but when you have thoughts , overthinking all those horses***t in your mind

thats what negativity is

and that happens to everybody…to me, to you , to the CEO of microsoft….everyone has thoughts

Here’s the fun part

no matter how hard you try you just cannot stop your thoughts

it is that should be that way

some of the thoughts are positive and some of them are negative

Are these thoughts good for life?

maybe yes

maybe no

I think that negativity and positivity both of them are choices

just like choosing to sleep or watch tv

lets assume negativity as depression and positivity as happiness



well you have the power of choice

you can choose to be happy or you can choose to be depressed

It’s on you what you want and only you know whats best for you at the moment

good luck with the power of choices

hope you guys liked it …..much love❤