Thoughts are like pigeons…fake.

yes they are

Ever seen how pigeons react?

Like I tried something today…

While I was eating…in my balcony

What I saw is some pigeons eating some pulses and wheat..

So I thought “Why not experiment something??”

So what I did is I threw a pen in the middle of those bunch of pigeons and what I saw is soon after the pen fell down….All those pigeons flew away

I know this kind of thing is common

But what I actually observed is that whenever you try to seek in your mind and see what thoughts are going in your mind

Youll see nothing….like literally nothing.



So what the conclusion is that thoughts are like pigeons.

They come and make a group and chaos wherever they see something to eat or ruin.

So our mind is like the wheat or the stuff to be eaten….and those thoughts are like pigeons….Once they are faced or seen…They dissappear!

Gone again!


So next time you have a thought that is bad or negative….Remember that THOUGHTS ARE LIKE PIGEONS😉

Thanks for reading….much love❤…and by the way never stop experimenting….

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