Why people wont read you..

Something i’ve seen a lot happening

Its because people dont care.

Like they just dont and I think it should be that way

Like it doesnt even hurt me a bit if no one reads my content because Im doing it for myself and not for readers or consumers

Its because I like writing on Medium and nowhere else to be honest

I dont post stuff on Instagram

Or FaceBook

Or snapchat

Or any other platform

Because I think that most of these platforms have fake response most of the time

Like if you create a new Instagram account and just follow random people…They follow you back just for no reason. I know its stupid…In short what I wanna say is that there not much real conversations on this platforms

Like the DM section of Instagram Its actually useful

And It actually works

Here’s the thing about this platform(Medium)

Is that it’s got true and genuine followers

and I know my stuff is full of shit and It is true but again it does not bother me cause I dont do it for you

I do it for myself

And you should do the same.

Thanks for reading…much love❤