Why you need to rethink success

What is success for you?

Ask yourself this question a hundred times because we're getting trapped in a belief that success is something where you become stronger, sharper and greater...No my man, it's just a good feeling

Just like depression , pleasure , anger,etc...it's just a feeling. It surely does change everything from the outside but inside yourself it changes nothing

Actually it makes you lazy because when someone becomes "successful" the person enters the comfort zone and says,'well, im successful now so i dont need to do anything'

These are the words of a "successful" person

In my opinion you can learn much more from your and other people's failures than their success..because thats what matters

Failure encourages you to fight for your life and success encourages to sit and be lazy

Ask yourself these questions..

Is it good for me?

success can help you achieve a lot of things...
you know like that car or that girl you wanna marry or whatever

Is it good for you?
Maybe, but notice that no matter what you achieve...it's just making you more greedy for materialistic shit.


Success makes you stronger from outside.....Failures make you stronger from inside

Thank you for your time….hope you got it…much love❤

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