Double the Characters?

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. The three social media platforms that most social media gurus know are the main points of contact with their followers. This trifecta has served companies well over the years as they try to advertise themselves, and stay connected to up and coming trends.

New social media platforms take time to rise. Snapchat has, in recent years, made it’s way into the big three, potentially pushing Twitter out. If it weren’t for Instagram’s valiant efforts to drive Snapchat out of business, Twitter wouldn’t remain in the trifecta for much longer.

But what does any of this mean for twitter?

Twitter has never been everyone’s cup of tea. For everyday use, many people feel constricted by it’s character limit, and other’s feel that there is a certain level of wit needed to use the platform. Yet those who use twitter are loyal to the site.

Twitter users find the 140 character limit a fun challenge. It is a puzzle to find the perfect sentence, and we applaud those who use the limit to their advantage. While 140 characters may seem ineffectively short, twitter users are far from ineffective. In a small amount of characters, users have learned to express what they need to without boring their audience.

So what does 280 characters do for twitter?

Twitter users flock to the site to avoid long Facebook posts. Anything more than 140 characters is out of place, and even in the introductory post by @Jack produced many replies of outrage.

Social media continues to change, and twitter of all sites has seemed to change the least since it’s creation. With this new change, they just might not be doing themselves a favor, but only time will tell.