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SolAnts | Flash mint soon
1 min readNov 30, 2021


Innovational Mint Mechanics ⚡️

SolAnts introduce a new type of mint — Flash mint

Partial drops will start at a random date & time and last only 5 minutes each. In our vision, this will help to:

  • Allocate NFTs to the most active part of the community & increase overall community engagement
  • Avoid the “slow sale” problem, when members are disappointed by the slow going sale process and create fud, which is the case for the most collections on the market rn
  • Attract early supporters, who will help to drive further sales and start building the Anthill right away

Bonus: Free mint 🎁

There are four classes of SolAnts and you will be able to choose which class to mint on our website

During each 5 min flash mint session, the minters of a class with the fewest purchases will receive 100% money back

Yes, 100%. Let’s see an example:

During our first drop the results were the following:

  • 100 Fire SolAnts were minted
  • 100 Black SolAnts were minted
  • 100 Pharaoh SolAnts were minted
  • 90 Mythic SolAnts were minted

After the drop, every holder of newly minted Mythic SolAnts receives 100% cashback, so their NFTs are free



SolAnts | Flash mint soon

Hardworking ants building the Anthill on #Solana

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