Why do I do this? Why was I willing to take this entrepreneurial journey and keep at it in spite of the myriad challenges that have I faced so far? Why wasn’t I willing to take the easy way out by getting a typical job in the field of my discipline; Chemical Engineering?

There are many reasons for this , some of which I have already dealt with in earlier posts but the one I wish to talk about today is Empathy.

It takes Empathy to want to take on the challenges facing millions of people and want to find/create a solution for it.

We Entrepreneurs by nature are problem solvers, bridge builders, innovators. We look at situations with a solution bias, thinking how can I make this better? Faster? Cheaper? More effective? It is the ability to see a problem that a group of people are facing and find a way to solve that problem that differentiates us from the rest of the populace.

This isn’t the dictionary definition of Empathy, but this is how I have come to see this trait that defines a lot of the entrepreneurs I have come to really respect.

This list includes Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, Aliko Dangote, Larry Page, Bill Gates….

This guys saw a challenge that a group of people were facing and built businesses to solve and profit from that solution.

My friend; Kazeem Kareem of Purple Store Consulting, who developed Derihunter’s Corporate Identity including its logo, values, mission and vision statement , described The Derihunter Brand Essence as: “Seeking Greater Good”. The words he used to describe the Derihunter Brand Essence were: “ Driven by an innate desire to impact lives positively, drives us to challenge the status quo and forces us to seek new ways to excite our people through SERVICE & DETERMINATION. Derihunter is a Hero, an Explorer but deep down, he is a CARE GIVER”.

Couldn’t have said it a better myself. This words in a it’s nutshell define the essence why I do this. A few years back, my younger sister told me I had a “Superman Complex” 😀. Well, if having a Superman Complex means wanting to solve people’s problems then I have a Superman Complex.😀

Empathy is one of the reasons I am doing this. Because I believe transportation should be better than the experiences we have in Lagos nay Nigerian. I believe Nigerians deserve a transportation system/network that is hassle free, that is convenient, that is reliable. Empathy is why I keep striving to make Derihunter a Success.


imPossible IS nothing.


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