What makes a person that knew squat about water transportation, let alone how to run a business, decide to start one anyway?

Why did I even KNOW I would succeed?

One word; FAITH.

I am a Born Again Christian and one of the foundations of this way of life is FAITH.

There were a thousand and one reasons why doing this looked impossible, there is still a thousand and one reasons why this would not have worked.

I knew I could fail a thousand times, but I also knew that I just needed to be right once.

When I started the running around for my business over eight years ago, I had only two thousand naira in my savings account, probably a few quid in my student account that I left in the UK,but basically I wasn’t swimming in it.

I have since spent over 18 million naira and counting so far and will raise and spend way much more when we launch the business. How I was able to raise & spend this amount so far sometimes astonishes me, but you don’t know how much a little becomes a lot until you start something.

Now when I started Derihunter, I didn’t have a clue where, how or when I was going to raise the hundreds of millions of naira to launch our service.(I’m still not 100% sure of when, where or how!!!)

But I had and have FAITH that I could. In spite of this I have learned (a lot of times the hard-way) that I cant do this on my own by depending on my own intellect,or resources or even people (😕) but I can depend on The One with the inexhaustible resources, knowledge and understanding, Who knows my end even from my beginning, Who NEVER fails and I know that “He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it”.

We are nearly done with raising the capital we need to launch our service(😕)This part of the project took longer than I ever expected (it is still taking longer than I expected) with a lot of dead ends, disappointments, straight out rejection etc etc….

Even the mode and the source we are raising the funds from is still a source of astonishment to me. (More of this in a later post). This just shows that plotting a path to a destination, doesn’t mean taking that same path to the destination.

Faith is one of the reasons I have stuck with this, knowing that; “…The things that are not seen (visions, dreams etc) call into being, the things that are.”

My Faith is about to turn my Vision to reality.

Welcome to The Derihunter EXperience.

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