F(ollow). O(ne). C(ourse). U(ntil). S(uccessful)

Eye on The Prize. Keep Your Eyes On The Goal. Do Not Be Distracted.

This are phrases used in different spheres of life to mean Focus.

Alot of my friends and some of members of my family wonder why I have kept at this path for this long. Why I haven’t been distracted or chosen another maybe easier path.

The answer is simple. I discovered what I wanted to do. Knew with a certain assurance that it was what I wanted to do and decided I WOULD DO IT.

Some of the people I really admire, have been people with incredible focus on their stated goal.

One of them, who WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS; Hillary Clinton.(😉, Yeah like most people I got this totally wrooonnnng)

Forget the rabble-rousing of her main challenger; Donald Trump has been saying. The system isn’t rigged, the media is not all corrupt. You wanted the biggest job in America, the spotlight was shun on you and you were found to be wanting.

Contrary to the last paragraph, I do respect what Donald Trump has achieved, I think the man is an incredible salesman, world-class manipulator and unparalleled marketer of all things “Trump”. But seeing the man for who he is different from reading his books.

So, Focus. I believe Hillary Clinton IS THE DEFINITION OF THE LAW OF FOCUS.

She has been in the public eye for over three decades. Has been vilified by politicians, parts of the media and the public with some of the most misogynistic and vile criticism by any female politician I have known in my lifetime. But this heck of a lady kept her eye on her goal and kept moving forward. She’s like the T-1000 from Terminator 2, she doesn’t know how to quit. I never really paid attention to Ms. Clinton really, not until this American election cycle and I really, really liked what I saw.

Ms. Clinton IS prepared. She comes correct. A lot of the failings people ascribe to her is colored by personal dislike, partisanship and misogyny.

Ms. Clinton is not perfect no one is. Everyone’s flaws is magnified when put under a bright light. Donald Trump’s for example. But if you look at most of the criticism leveled against her, do a 360 and ask would a lot of this criticism still be valid if she was a “man”? My answer is no.

I believe in years to come, Ms. Clinton’s career will be studied in universities by political scientist, psychologist, business people as an embodiment of setting a goal, and finding a way to accomplish that goal. That requires Focus and that’s why she is an embodiment of this law.

Follow One Course Until Successful. I AM.

imPossible IS nothing.

P.S: Like most people know, President Trump won one of the most stunning electoral victories in modern times. It doesn’t negate this post or the points raised.