The Value of Experience/Experiences

People are sometimes a product of the circumstances of their birth, the challenges they faced, the opportunities they grabbed and lost and the relationships that they engendered and let go.

Who we become is usually an amalgamation of the totality of the experiences we face and the experience we gain from this experiences.

I was thinking earlier today about experience and experiences, how the later shapes the former. The experiences I have gone through shaped the experience of things I know and why I chose to do what I do.

For instance, university was a slog for me. This was the first time I have had issues with getting the kind of grades I wanted. I finished secondary school in 1996, got admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-ife, Osun State, Nigeria the next year to study Chemistry before transferring to the Chemical Engineering department of the same school.

Through out my time in OAU, I got all the grades of the grading system from B’s to F’s but never an “A”. The closest I ever came to getting to an A was a 68B grade I got in Chemistry 101 and another one I got in Chemistry 301 were I taught a bunch of my classmates during the exam who got A’s but I that gave them the answers for the exam during the examination which the entirety of the course grade was based on got a 68B. To say I was frustrated would have been an understatement.

Getting to 400 level with my GPA hovering at below 3.0 I knew I had a enough when I saw, sometimes the blatant favoritism by some of the male lecturers in the Chemical Engineering department towards some of my female classmates. They got grades not because of their work but because of their “closeness” to the lecturers, my bags were starting to be packed. Throw in a nasty episode which went down, were I literally blacked out for days and don’t know what I did during those days even till today. Fortunately my family were with me and they gave me snippets of what happened and what I did. But no one has ever told me the whole story and I still don’t know how many days I lost. Till today that part of my life is a mystery.

The reason that I share this story is to show how this experience made me who I am today and why I chose the path of entrepreneurship.

OAU was my first and most important failure. But its were I believe the idea of Derihunter was born. This was were most of my worldview was formed. This experience made me to learn to forge my own path. It thought me the sometimes stupidity of “group-think”. Of learning to question the assumptions of people and questioning ANY authority that shirks it’s responsibility.

The OAU years were my gold purification process. By going through the fire of my first failure by the time I was 21. I came out stronger, wiser, more clear-eyed and started laying the framework for my life goal; Derihunter.

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