The Value of Experience/Experiences Part 2; TENACITY

Tenacity, Determination, Resilience are words that I believe can be used interchangeably. I will stick to the first one which is my favourite of the lot and because it’s one of the Core Values of Derihunter, The Company, The Brand and The Person.

If you are confused, don’t be, that’s how I see Derihunter, it’s me expressed as a business idea, a business and a brand.

In my earlier post I spoke about how my Experiences have shaped the Experience I gained from them. The reason I am able to do this and forge ahead inspite of some of the “unbelievable” challenges (shout out to The Donald).

Tenacity is the key reason I have been able to keep pushing on. Once I make up my mind on something and decide I will do it, come rain, sun or whatever challenge may be thrown at me. I DO IT.

My experiences in university developed this remarkable mindset. I finished Secondary School in 1996, I got into university (OAU, Ile-Ife) in 1997, got my B.Eng degree in Chemical Engineering from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh in 2007.

Ten bleeding years to get a piece of paper to say I’m an “Engineer”. Spending this amount of time getting a “higher education” 😕.

You don’t go thru that and not develop a built in resilience to what ever life can throw you. I have gotten countless rejections from private equity, venture capital firms, faced down multiple physical assaults even from the police, had some people at a certain “incubator” try to hijack what wasn’t their’s to hijack, they held to ransom the original Derihunter domain name because they registered it on my behalf. This people didn’t fulfill the terms of our contract and had the balls 😀 to still demand for 10% of my company. 😕

Anyway, water under the bridge. My point before I got side-tracked is your experiences gives you a certain skill-set, mindset that you only get from those experiences.

You don’t get to the mountain top with out conquering the mountain. You don’t come at a king except you are ready to defeat that king.

I have my eye on the Prize. AND I WILL GET IT.

imPossible IS nothing.