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California, known for its sun-kissed scenery and pioneering spirit, leads the solar energy revolution. This sustainable change is driven by the state’s plentiful sunlight and a strong market of solar suppliers offering new and efficient solutions. Residents and companies must choose the appropriate solar provider as the state goes green.

In the world of solar installers, information and reviews can shift like the sun’s path. We understand the pain points you face: the uncertainty, the ever-changing options, and the need for trustworthy guidance.

If you’re searching for the best solar installer in California, make sure to explore our platform Our comprehensive list of solar installers in California functions like a vast search engine for solar providers, highlighting green energy companies not because they are optimized for search engines or have paid for advertising but because of their service variety, user reviews, industry experience, and local commitment. Additionally, you can ask for personalized solar quote from our industry experts.

At, we go beyond customer reviews; we also evaluate local installers’ capacity and expertise in the industry. Rest assured, our website diligently tracks these changes, ensuring we provide you with the most current and reliable insights.

In this detailed overview, we examine the leading California solar installers — Sunrun, ADT Solar, Blue Raven Solar, Trinity Solar, and Titan Solar Power. Instead of making superficial comparisons, we carefully analyze each installation based on its service offerings, technical innovation, customer service, and dependability. This in-depth analysis provides a sophisticated professional assessment to help you decide whether to trust these installers for your solar energy requirements.

Getting a solar quote from Solar Power Systems is your first step towards embracing a sustainable and cost-effective energy future. At Solar Power Systems, we pride ourselves on providing thorough, unbiased insights into solar panel installation, ensuring you receive the best information to make an informed decision tailored to your unique energy needs. Our website offers comprehensive tools and expert advice, allowing you to easily calculate system sizing and potential costs.

Top 5 Solar Installers in California


Sunrun, a dominant solar company with over 175 locations across 20 states and 43 in California, has made a significant mark in the solar industry. The company offers competitive pricing below the industry average and a comprehensive 25-year warranty for leased systems, making it a solid choice for homeowners interested in leasing a solar system. Sunrun’s services extend to a variety of roofs, and they offer multiple payment preferences, including solar loans, power purchase agreements (PPA), outright purchases, and solar leases. For system care, Sunrun provides free maintenance and a monitoring system, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the installations.

However, Sunrun’s services are not without their drawbacks. The company has been criticized for providing lackluster customer service, and the warranty coverage drops to only 10 years for purchase or loan customers unless additional service plan coverage is purchased.

Moreover, the company’s reputation has been marred by multiple class-action lawsuits and a slew of complaints regarding aggressive marketing tactics and delayed responses to warranty claims. The prioritization of leases and the sales representatives’ push for lease agreements also raise concerns about the company’s integrity, as leases may not always be the most beneficial option for homeowners.

Final verdict: While Sunrun presents competitive solar options, we cannot recommend this brand based on its reviews from major platforms. Please make your decisions judiciously.

ADT Solar

ADT, founded in 1874, has a long history of providing security services, and in recent years, it has extended its offering to include solar energy solutions. Consequently, ADT Solar’s combination of solar power with home security systems gives it an advantage over others. In comparison to its competition, ADT Solar is distinguished for providing both security and solar services for its 6 locations in California. This unusual combination adds value since clients can control both services from one location.

ADT Solar has installed over 20,000 solar panels and guarantees that its panels are 20% more efficient than the industry average, providing clients with more electricity per square foot. However, it does have several disadvantages. Their solar branch is very young; therefore, they lack the years of experience and competence that other specialized solar firms have. Finally, consumer evaluations show unhappiness with ADT Solar’s customer service, with a Yelp rating of 2.5/5, lower than the industry average of 3.8/5.

Final verdict: We highly recommend it.


Tesla, Inc., a leader in the transition to sustainable energy, has become synonymous with high-quality solar solutions, including solar panels and the Solar Roof. The company, founded in 2003 and led by the visionary Elon Musk, has built a reputation for pushing the boundaries of renewable energy technology.

Being one of Tesla’s hallmark offerings, the Solar Roof, integrates solar cells directly into roofing tiles, providing a seamless aesthetic. Tesla asserts that its solar tiles are three times stronger than standard roofing tiles, offering a warranty that lasts the lifetime of your house or infinity, whichever comes first.

Financially, Tesla’s approach to solar is competitive, with the average cost of their solar panels hovering around $2.30 per watt, notably below the national average of $2.94.

However, Tesla’s solar offerings come with limitations. The financing options, though attractive, are not as diverse as some competitors, primarily offering cash purchases or loans.

Final verdict: We highly recommend it.

NRG Clean Power

NRG Clean Power, with over 35 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, distinguishes itself through its comprehensive range of services. They don’t just install solar panels; they offer full home electrification services, including electric vehicle charging stations and battery storage systems. Their collaboration with Tesla and Panasonic allows them to offer some of the most advanced and reliable products in the market.

However, NRG Clean Power’s services are geographically limited, primarily serving California and Texas, which might not cater to potential customers in other states.

Final verdict: We strongly endorse it.

Titan Solar Power

Since its inception in 2013, Titan Solar Power has experienced exponential growth, opening two locations in California and earning a place on the prestigious Inc. 5000 list in 2021, ranking #337 among the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. Installing solar panels near you is Titan’s area of expertise as a contractor. This is its primary concern.

The Titan Solar Power Dealer Program is a commercial partnership for people or organizations interested in becoming independent solar dealers or sales reps. Titan Solar Power’s experience, resources, and assistance help participants sell and install solar systems in your area through this program.

Titan Solar Power has been the target of several complaints from unhappy consumers, as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has received 668 official complaints against the firm during the last three years. According to them, the business offers poor customer service and ignores complaints about broken solar panels, incomplete work, and exorbitant electricity bills.

Final verdict: While Titan Solar Power shows promise and growth, we must stress that my recommendation is withheld due to noteworthy customer reviews and concerns. Make your choice thoughtfully.

Shining a Light on California’s Top Solar Champions

We evaluated California’s leading solar companies in your area, examining the most critical factors, such as available services, customer service, solar system types, financing choices, warranty conditions, and extra services.

Each brand’s technical developments and achievements were examined. This includes their solar panel efficiency, monitoring system sophistication, and cooperation with Tesla.

We examined customers’ ratings on BBB, EnergySage, SolarReviews, and Yelp. We evaluated each brand’s customer service and response. Each solar firm was examined for reliability. Their history, number of installations, and industry awards were included. By using these approaches, we intend to provide you with a complete assessment of each solar provider’s pros and cons. Readers may choose a California solar energy partner near you with confidence using our method.

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