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top solar installers in Colorado

If you’ve decided to use solar energy in your household rather than rely on traditional ‘carbon footprint’ sources and you live in Colorado — head straight to our article about the top solar installers in the area! However, if you’re just considering going green and aren’t sure where to start, check out our blog on integrating solar power into sustainable living practices and the largest list of US solar installers at

You can learn about the top Colorado installers directly here or through the article, or conduct your own search by comparing solar quotes near you.

Colorado is rapidly becoming a hub for solar energy, with a significant number of solar companies providing their services. The state boasts over 300 days of sunshine annually, making it an ideal location for solar energy production. In 2023, According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, Colorado was ranked 4th in the U.S. for solar capacity, with over 4,112 megawatts installed, enough to power approximately 838,462 homes.

There are plenty of solar companies in Colorado, each offering a unique blend of services, warranties, and financing options. These companies have been instrumental in the 82% decrease in the cost of solar installation in the state over the past decade. They’ve also created thousands of jobs, making the solar industry an essential part of Colorado’s economy.

The best solar panel companies in Colorado are recognized for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They offer comprehensive services, from initial consultation and design to installation and maintenance. These companies prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability, ensuring that customers receive the maximum benefits from their solar systems. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial solar solutions, Colorado’s solar industry is equipped to meet your needs with professionalism and expertise.

Remember, choosing the right solar company is crucial to your solar journey. It’s recommended to compare quotes, read reviews, and do thorough research before making a decision. After all, going solar is not just about saving money, it’s also about investing in our planet’s future.

Top 4 Solar Companies in Colorado

Smart Wave Solar

Since its founding in 2015, reputable solar installation company Smart Wave Solar has provided householders in Utah and Colorado with superior solar solutions. As REC Certified Installers, they have demonstrated their dedication to delivering reliable and efficient solar systems by receiving accreditations from the BBB and NABCEP.

Smart Wave Solar is distinguished by the following features:

  • They offer a free emergency power supply in the form of a distinctive patent-pending technology that guarantees the uninterrupted operation of your solar system in the event of a power outage.
  • A generous 25-year warranty that covers both equipment and labor, assuring customers of their confidence in the quality of their work and products.
  • They provide industry-leading manufacturers of solar panels, including REC Solar, Solaria, and Silfab, which are renowned for their long-lasting warranties and energy efficacy.
  • The company offers SMA and Enphase, which are distinguished inverter manufacturers.
  • An initiative in which customers who refer four individuals to Smart Wave Solar are awarded a complimentary emergency reserve battery.

However, there are a few disadvantages to take into account. Because Smart Wave Solar does not provide PPA financing alternatives or solar leases, certain consumers may find it more difficult to obtain a solar system.

Furthermore, the deficiency of comprehensive details on the items on their website may influence the process of making decisions. Finally, the availability of their services is restricted to two states, which may limit the pool of possible clients.

Blue Raven Solar

Specializing in a residential solar installation across 21 states, Blue Raven Solar was established in 2014, prior to its 2021 acquisition by SunPower. Comprising system design, the permitting process, financing, and single-day installation, the organization provides a comprehensive service with a workforce exceeding 3,000 individuals. With a variety of financing options and no initial investment requirements, Blue Raven Solar is dedicated to ensuring that solar energy is equitable and affordable for all.

Blue Raven Solar is distinguished by the following features and benefits:

  • Plan options: BluePower and BluePower Plus+ provide significant energy bill savings and protection to households.
  • Prominent manufacturers such as SunPower, Tesla, Trina, and Canadian Solar offer an extensive selection of energy-efficient solar panels and batteries.
  • An all-inclusive service that handles everything from system design to permitting, installation, and monitoring.
Colorado solar installers

Colorado State University

  • A lucrative customer referral program, offering $500 for the first referral, $1,000 for the second, and $1,500 for the third and subsequent referrals.
  • A robust 25-year warranty on solar batteries, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Solar production monitoring through user-friendly apps on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  • Some customers have reported aggressive sales tactics and trouble communicating, especially when it comes to permits and installation.
  • There aren’t many inverters or batteries to choose from, and the company doesn’t sell any extra solar equipment like EV chargers.
  • The workmanship warranties offered are minimal compared to some competitors.

For those who want to switch to solar energy, Blue Raven Solar provides a complete and customer-focused service. Despite a few drawbacks, their dedication to quality, price, and customer service makes them a strong competitor in the solar installation market.

Freedom Solar Power

Since 2007, Freedom Solar Power has built a solid reputation as a provider of backup power solutions and solar panel installation for both business and residential customers. The company’s services extend from Texas, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Virginia to Colorado, where they are recognized as the only SunPowerⓇ Master Dealer. Assuring that all installation procedures are carried out by their in-house group of NABCEP-certified installation workers and licensed electricians, Freedom Solar Power takes great pride in its flawless attention to detail and dedication to quality.

Key features of Freedom Solar Power include:

  • The installation of solar panels for homes and businesses with referral bonuses of up to $1,000.
  • A variety of battery backup solutions for homes, such as SunPower SunVault and Tesla Powerwall.
  • Monitoring solar panel performance to guarantee maximum output and real-time data on solar production.
  • Solar carports and ground-based energy systems.
  • EV installations and the capacity to link solar panels to residential EV charging infrastructure.
  • American-made solar panels come with an unparalleled 25-year lifetime guarantee that pays for any repairs or replacements.

Notwithstanding these benefits, some consumers have criticized Freedom Solar Power for several aspects of their business methods. Certain customers have raised concerns about the requirement to pay for scheduling upfront before their solar power system becomes operational. This process delays results in the retardment of the application of funds towards their bills. Another drawback is that the firm can only operate in three states limiting its service area.

Complete Energy Solutions LLC

With 22 years of expertise and a focus on the setup and maintenance of solar and wind turbine systems, Complete Energy Solutions LLC is a proven participant in the renewable energy sector. Since Complete Energy Solutions, LLC was first founded in Ohio, the business has expanded to provide a variety of energy solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Among the brands of batteries and solar panels they provide are GS Battery, SMA, Schneider, OutBack Power Systems, SILFAB, QCELLS, Canadian Solar, and Schneider.

Key features and advantages of the company include:

  • Full operation and maintenance services, including failure analysis and repair, underproduction analysis and correction, and storm damage restoration, for utility-scale, business, and residential PV and battery systems.
  • On-site manufacture of custom battery cables and storage battery replacement.
  • Aerial drone system surveying for thorough site assessments.
  • A comprehensive warranty policy that covers solar panels for 25 years, inverters and mounting systems for 10 years, and workmanship for 5 years.
  • The ability to plan and implement solutions, such as micro-grid and off-grid solar photovoltaic systems, that are specifically designed to satisfy the demands of individual customers.
  • Reducing the need to transport a generator to every installation location using mobile renewable energy solutions for installation trucks.
Solar panels and a sun

ESD Solar

  • Backup power solutions to meet the requirements of every client, including small-scale commercial, data center, commercial manufacturing, and residential systems.
  • As a Generac dealer, they provide sales, installation, and generator commissioning services.

Even with all of the benefits, Complete Energy Solutions LLC is limited in its reach and accessibility for prospective clients outside of Colorado by operating in only one state. The lack of accessibility to information on customer referral programs, financing choices, and the kinds of solar panels installed may discourage prospective customers from inquiring about these topics.

How We Evaluate Solar Companies

Our process for finding the top solar firms in Nevada is precise and comprehensive, taking into account numerous critical aspects rather than just selecting names at random. This technique enables us to offer you with accurate and helpful information.

  • We begin by researching the company’s history, including its term in operation, credentials, and licensing and certification status. This information might provide insight into the company’s experience, reliability, and commitment to doing things right.
  • Next, we look at the whole range of services they provide. Do they offer a range of solar panel installation services? What types of loans do they offer? It’s important to us that they can meet the needs and wants of a wide range of customers.
  • We also look at how well the company is known. Customer scores and reviews on different sites can give you information about how well they treat customers, how reliable they are, and how well they do overall.
  • Of course, we don’t forget about prices. We know that most people who are looking for a solar company want to get the best deal possible.
Solar panels and the snow

Convert Solar

  • The last thing we do is look at the guaranteed support that the company offers. Customers can feel safe knowing that a company backs up its goods with a strong guarantee.

The main goal of our review method is to give you a full and honest picture of each solar company. You will now have all the information you need to make an intelligent choice about your solar needs in Colorado.

Our Recommendation

Smart Wave Solar: Great company that provides multiple solutions for those who want to go solar. Their great feature is that the organization offers unique patent-pending technology that allows the customers to have energy supply even during power outages. However, the company doesn’t provide multiple financial solutions and the information about their product is limited.

Blue Raven Solar: The company ranks as our second top pick due to its excellent financial options. Their BluePower and BluePower Plus+ plans to make going solar incredibly affordable, leading to significant cost savings and financial benefits. However, there is room for improvement in their selection of inverters and batteries, and their market approach could be less forceful. Despite these minor drawbacks, Blue Raven Solar remains a highly recommended option.

Freedom Solar Power: They have everything you might need to go solar! From installing solar systems to EV installations that can be powered from your home solar systems. A variety of brands to choose from as well as the mobile app to be able to monitor the results of your solar systems. The company seems to have no weaknesses. With that in mind, this is our top choice for Colorado!

Complete Energy Solutions LLC: A very local company that provides a variety of services that include solar system specifically tailored for you. Also, the organization provides custom battery cable on-site fabrication and storage battery replacement which distinguishes them amongst competitors. However, due to operating only in one state and having limited information about financing options we can’t place them on top of our list.

Solar Incentives in Colorado

Using solar energy in Colorado is not only good for the environment but also good for your wallet. The state offers the following solar incentives that make it easier and more affordable for residents to go solar:

  • A big benefit that is offered all over the country, including in Colorado, is the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). It lets you lower your federal taxes by 30% of the cost of your solar PV system until 2032. The credit goes down to 26% in 2033, 22% in 2034, and completely disappears in 2035.
Solar panels and the mountains in Colorado


  • Colorado also offers net metering policies. Actually, you can sell the extra energy back to the grid if your solar system makes more than you need. The best part? In Colorado, your solar energy credit will be equal to the market rate of power.

In conclusion, Colorado’s solar benefits make it a great place to switch to this clean energy source.

Financing Options Available

Colorado residents looking to switch to solar energy have a variety of financing options available to them. These options are designed to make solar power more accessible and affordable, allowing more people to take advantage of this renewable energy source. Here are the main financing options available in Colorado:

Solar Loans

  • Solar loans allow homeowners to borrow money to pay for their solar panel system. This means you can start saving on your electricity bills immediately without having to pay the full cost of the system upfront.
  • With a solar loan, you own your solar panel system outright and, therefore, can take advantage of any tax credits and incentives available.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

  • A PPA is a contract between a homeowner and a solar company, where the company installs and maintains a solar system on your property, and you agree to purchase the power generated by the system at a set price for a specified period of time.
  • This option allows you to benefit from solar power without the responsibility of owning and maintaining the system.
Solar panels on top of the roof

J&K Roofing

  • PPAs are a great option if you want to avoid the upfront cost of a solar system and are primarily interested in locking in lower electricity rates.

Solar Leases

  • Similar to a PPA, a solar lease involves a solar company installing and maintaining a solar system on your property. However, instead of buying the power generated, you lease the system for a set monthly fee.
  • Solar leases often include an option to purchase the system at the end of the lease term.
  • This option allows you to benefit from solar power without the large upfront cost and without the need to maintain the system.

Cash Purchase

  • If you have the funds available, you can choose to pay for your solar system upfront. This option allows you to own your system outright and therefore benefit from any available tax credits and incentives.
  • While this option requires a larger initial investment, it can result in the greatest long-term savings.

To wrap up, whether you’re looking for a no-money-down option like a solar lease or PPA, or you’re interested in owning your system outright through a solar loan or cash purchase, Colorado offers a variety of solar financing options to suit different needs and budgets.

Is it Worth Going Solar in Colorado?

Absolutely! With its sunny climate and dedication to green energy, Colorado has become a major player in the solar industry. The state boasts an impressive number of over 7,626 solar jobs as of 2023, ranking it 7th nationally in terms of solar employment. Moreover, the existence of over 394 solar companies in the state reflects the dynamic and rapidly expanding solar market in Colorado, with businesses spanning manufacturing, project development, installation, and financing.

There are additional factors why you should go solar in Colorado:

  • High Solar Potential: Colorado’s solar potential is strong due to its abundance of sunlight. This implies that homes may generate considerable quantities of electricity with solar panels, decreasing their dependency on conventional power sources and saving money on their energy bills.
Solar panels near the houses

Roper Roofing

  • Financial Incentives: Colorado provides various financial advantages for adopting solar. Tax credits, subsidies, and net metering rules may all help you save money on solar panel installation.
  • Environmental Impact: The best way to lower your carbon footprint is to go solar. Your choice to use solar power can help fight climate change by lowering the amount of greenhouse gases you cause.
  • Energy Independence: You can be independent in your energy use if you make your own power. The knowledge that you are not as dependent on the power grid can make you feel safer, as you are less likely to be affected by power blackouts or price hikes.
  • Increasing Property Value: Adding solar panels to your home can raise its value. The appeal of houses with solar panels is growing as more and more people buy homes that care about the environment.

Finally, there are many reasons to think about getting solar in Colorado, including the high potential, financial rewards, environmental benefits, energy freedom, and the chance of increasing land value. You will save money and help the earth by making this change.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panels in CO?

The cost of solar panels in Colorado can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the size of your system, the type of panels you choose, and any potential incentives or rebates you may be eligible for.

On average, the price range for a standard residential solar panel system in Colorado is between $14,100 to $28,200. However, when you factor in the 26% federal tax credit and other state incentives, the net cost can drop significantly, sometimes by as much as half.

It’s also important to note that solar panels can provide substantial savings over time. By generating your own electricity, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your monthly electricity bill. Over the lifespan of your system, which is typically 25–30 years, this can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in savings.

Solar panels in the mountains of Colorado

Holy Cross Energy

While the initial cost can seem high, the long-term financial benefits, along with the positive environmental impact, make solar panels a worthwhile investment for many homeowners in Colorado. As with any investment, it’s important to do your research and consult with professionals to ensure you’re making the best decision for your specific situation.

What To Look For in a Solar Company in Colorado?

When searching for a solar company in Colorado, there are several key aspects to consider to ensure a smooth and successful transition to solar power.

  • Credibility and Track Record

Evaluate the company’s reliability by checking customer feedback, testimonials, and their duration in business. A company with a consistent history of high-quality installations and satisfied customers is always a good choice.

  • Accreditation and Licensing

Check for accreditations like NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) and ensure the company possesses licenses from the appropriate bodies. This guarantees they adhere to industry norms and regulations.

Solar panels on top of the building

Colorado Solar&Storage Association

  • Range of Products

Examine the quality of solar panels, inverters, and other components used in their installations. It’s always advisable to select a company that provides top-quality, long-lasting equipment from well-known manufacturers.

  • Customer Support and Post-Sale Service

Investigate warranties, maintenance services, and their responsiveness to inquiries. Choose a company that is renowned for its outstanding customer support and dependable post-sale service.

This way, you can be confident of receiving assistance and support even after the installation process has been completed.

How To Get a Solar Quote in Colorado

Many companies provide a free solar quote, however, to get one, you should follow the next steps:

  1. Identify Your Solar Needs: Start by determining your energy consumption and how much of it you want to offset with solar power. This will help you understand the size of the solar system you need. Also, inspect your property for its suitability for solar installation, taking into account factors like roof condition, shading, and orientation.
  2. Research Solar Companies: Look for reputable solar companies in Colorado. Check their credibility, track record, range of products, and customer support. Read reviews and testimonials to understand the experiences of their previous customers.
  3. Request Quotes: Once you have a list of potential Colorado solar companies, reach out to them for quotes. Most companies offer free quotes. Provide them with your energy consumption details and property specifics to get an accurate quote.
  4. Analyze the Quotes: Carefully review the quotes you receive. Pay attention to the cost of the system, estimated energy production, payback period, warranty details, and financing options. Don’t be swayed by the cheapest offer; quality and service are equally important.
  5. Consult With a Solar Expert: If you have doubts or need assistance in understanding the quotes, consult with a solar expert. They can provide you with unbiased advice, helping you make an informed decision.
  6. Finalize Your Choice: Once you’ve thoroughly analyzed all the quotes and consulted with an expert, it’s time to make your choice. Choose a company that offers a good balance of cost, quality, and service.
  7. Schedule a Site Visit: After finalizing the solar company, schedule a site visit for a detailed inspection. The company will assess your property, finalize the system design, and provide a final quote.
  8. Sign the Contract: Once you are satisfied with the final quote, sign the contract to kick-start your solar installation process.

Getting a solar quote in Colorado is a straightforward process. By following these steps, you can ensure you get the best solar solution for your needs at the most competitive price.


Colorado is home to a plethora of top-notch solar companies, each contributing to the state’s renewable energy landscape. These firms offer a wide array of services, from residential and commercial to utility-scale solar installations, providing a sustainable solution to the state’s energy needs.

Each company stands out with its unique selling propositions, including competitive pricing, superior customer service, advanced technology, and comprehensive warranties.

The solar companies in Colorado are not just businesses; they are environmental stewards leading the way toward a greener, more sustainable future.

They are committed to helping residents and businesses harness the power of the sun, reduce their carbon footprint, and save on their energy bills. With the state’s abundant sunshine and supportive solar policies, Colorado’s solar industry continues to thrive, making it an excellent place for solar investment.

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