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If you’re looking into solar energy in Kansas, there’s a lot you should know. It is important to learn to scout the factors to be considered when deciding to go solar in Kansas, what to expect from solar system installation, and, ultimately, who the solar companies in Kansas are and how to choose the best one for your needs.

We sourced experienced local solar installers in Kansas from the SolarPowerSystems platform, the largest database of solar providers in the US. It features exhaustive details about each company, the solar packages they offer, and a mix of random positive and negative user reviews. When selecting businesses from this platform, we can be confident in its unbiased approach, as it has no financial connections with any of them.

You can learn about the top Kansas installers directly here or through the article, or conduct your own search by comparing solar quotes from different installers near you.

With an average of 230 sunny days a year, Kansas ranks among the top ten states in sunshine. This is much more than the national average of 205 sunny days, showing that the weather is generally conducive to installing solar panels and saving money. However, Kansas is not among the top states that benefit from solar energy. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, it ranked 43rd in the United States in 2023.

Solar power is less common in Kansas than in most other states, but the market is growing. Even though the state lacks a diverse range of solar development plans, the industry continues flourishing.

Residential solar conversions have increased annually over the last decade, while the utility-scale and commercial solar sectors have grown dramatically in recent years.

Several large solar projects were implemented in Kansas in recent years:

  • Johnson Corner Solar opened in 2020. This 27.5-megawatt project can power 4,198 dwellings.
  • Large corporations such as ALDI and IKEA have gone solar in Kansas. ALDI’s 2 MW solar installation is one of the largest in the state.
  • The City of Pratt Solar in Pratt, completed in 2019, has enough capacity to power over 1,176 residences.

We anticipate the business will grow and policies will improve in the future.

the City of Pratt Solar in Pratt, Kansas

Most Kansas families will benefit from installing solar panels, thanks to the state’s abundant sunlight and relatively low local solar panel prices. However, solar energy is not for everyone. Therefore, a property assessment is recommended before beginning. Consider the projected payback period for solar panels, monthly energy use, roof pitch, property shadowing, and other issues. We’ve already discussed how many bright days Kansas has, but it’s also necessary to be aware of extreme weather, such as storms, hail, and thunderstorms, which are common there. If you want peace of mind, choose a solar panel installation company with a robust guarantee.


This post will outline what factors to consider while selecting the best Kansas solar company to meet your specific needs. We will also discuss and analyze Kansas’s top solar installers, emphasizing their strengths and faults. The companies we’re looking at are Blue Raven Solar, King Solar, Shinnova Solar, Good Energy Solutions, and Astrawatt Solar.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Company in Kansas


So, after much deliberation, discussion, and study, you’ve decided to go solar in Kansas. You already realize the benefits it will provide to you and society as a whole, and you are aware of the type of investment it will require. Still, when it comes to choosing a solar company to deal with, you may be puzzled. Even if you have received only positive feedback from your friends and family, this does not mean you can completely rely on their opinions. Different people have different expectations, and other states have their own quirks, so advice from a California friend may be less useful in Kansas. So, before you shortlist Kansas solar panel installers who may be a good fit for you, you should consider several factors to guarantee that the company is skilled and reliable and that they will likely guide you through your solar journey, from design to post-installation servicing and complete support.

We’ve highlighted some of the most critical elements to consider when choosing a solar panel business in Kansas. Examine installers’ websites, read online reviews, ask questions, and verify documents and permissions. Once you have reviewed all the considerations, you can make a reliable option that meets your objectives and provides the most comfortable solar power journey.


Quality and Efficiency of Solar Panels

Examine the quality of the company’s solar panels and other components. Look for reputable Kansas solar companies with a dependability and performance history. The equipment’s quality heavily influences the effectiveness and lifetime of your solar system. Check or ask the provider:

  • Which brands do they collaborate with?
  • That is the percentage of panel efficiency.
  • What’s the product and performance warranty?

License, Insurance, and Credentials

Ensure the company has the appropriate permissions and qualifications, such as NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners), which attest to its solar installation expertise. Also, check if the solar installation company you choose has the necessary certifications and licenses to install solar panels in Kansas. This guarantees they obey local and state rules and have the expertise to finish the installation safely and properly.

Warranty and After-Sales Service

Consider the solar company’s warranty coverage. It’s important to learn about product and workmanship warranties to protect your investment. Assess the company’s customer service and responsiveness. Choose a solar energy supplier that offers excellent customer service, from the first consultation to post-installation and maintenance.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

On the one hand, customer reviews cannot be completely trusted, yet they can be useful in identifying the installer’s strengths and flaws and learning something not indicated on the website. Negative reviews help you uncover potential red flags or areas of concern with a solar service. Based on the evaluations, you can also include questions you’d like to ask the company during your consultation if you decide to have one.

Cost and Financing Options

Compare the pricing and financing options offered by different solar suppliers. While money is an important issue, it should not be the primary decision. When determining the cost of solar installation, consider the entire value provided. Inquire with your potential installer about payment alternatives and terms and conditions. Solar panel companies can also help you comprehend local incentives and the final cost based on various financial scenarios.

Blue Raven Solar

Blue Raven is an award-winning solar company with an outstanding reputation. Its technology-focused approach is tailored to Kansas’s climate. The company’s solar consultants use proprietary software to design systems that optimize your annual energy output according to your roof’s features and local weather patterns.

The solar company encourages you to use the following payment options:

Cash purchase is the most cost-effective payment method. Though it involves a significant initial commitment, you save money by avoiding long-term interest rates. You can reduce costs using state and federal solar tax credits and rebates.

SmartStart is one of Blue Raven’s innovative financing solutions. This loan guarantees that your monthly solar payments will be the same for five years. In addition, you will enjoy 18 months of free solar payments, full system ownership, and tax breaks.

BluePower Plus+ is the company’s standout offering. The program’s primary points are:

  • No Upfront Fees: No up-front expenses are associated with design, approval, or installation.
  • 18 Months of Free Solar Energy: If you choose BluePower Plus+, you will receive free solar energy for 18 months. This will help you save money on your utility bill each month.
  • Prepayment Option: You are not penalized if you pay off the loan early.

Blue Raven Solar is one of the most reliable solar energy companies in Kansas. Its reputation has been gained by its dedication to installing premium solar panels and offering first-rate customer care. Blue Raven Solar guarantees that each customer receives the best possible return on their investment by providing a range of services, including installation, advice, and premium solar panels.

Blue Raven Solar does not limit its customers to specific panel types. Instead, it sources panels from various brands, including REC, SEG, Maxeon, SunPower, Qcells, and more. This approach allows Blue Raven Solar to cater to each local market’s unique needs and preferences.

King Solar

In the solar industry, King Solar is a true veteran. They have been doing business in Kansas since 1982. In the early 1980s, water and space solar heating systems were eligible for an enticing tax credit. Gas and electricity were supplanted by these technologies, which gained traction in Central and Southern Kansas. That was the company’s beginning. They now claim that many systems they implemented in the 1980s are still operational.

As technology has developed, photovoltaic panels have grown more affordable and efficient. Due to the technology’s increased dependability and reduced maintenance requirements, South and Central Kansas residents and companies could invest in it confidently. Solar popularity increased once more with the establishment of a new tax incentive in the early 2000s. Today King Solar installs solar panels for small-scale business and residential clients. Despite the recent big changes in technologies, corporate values have remained the same. Their extensive experience in the solar industry only highlights their dependability as they strive to give their clients the best services and support.

Residential Solar Project in Kansas by King Solar

Although it has experience, King Solar is not advertised well online. This local business has excellent online evaluations from past clients but a limited online presence. Even the website’s main page is rather condensed; they provide “state-of-the-art” solar panels and inverter technology but don’t list the brands they work with. They encourage their client to reach out and ask all the questions directly. Certain client groups may find this approach quite appealing, while others might anticipate a more contemporary one. You have to phone management personally or submit a request on a website to find out more about King Solar.

Shinnova Solar

Shinnova is more than just another solar panel installer in Kansas. They offer a range of solar energy and exterior remodeling services to improve your house’s safety, aesthetics, and long-term value. The company was founded in Kansas, so it has firsthand knowledge of the climate there. The Shinnova team carefully selected and produced goods most suited to the local environment.

The company provides the following list of residential services:

  • solar panels mounting
  • battery solutions
  • roofing replacement
  • installation of energy-efficient windows
  • doors installation and replacement
  • siding replacement

Shinnova, situated in Kansas City, is honored to be one of the top solar suppliers for agricultural businesses. Shinnova has assisted local farmers in learning more and making investments in the advancement of solar energy in their sector, as the price of solar panels has decreased in Kansas throughout the past few years.

Good Energy Solutions

Good Energy Solutions is another local solar system in Kansas. The company aims to deliver honest and genuine solar solutions to all clients. One of the company’s goals is to educate its clients and raise solar energy awareness. Besides that, the installer aims to deliver high-quality services and maintain the stated efficiency.

Commercial Project by Good Energy Solutions in Kansas

SunPower chose Good Energy Solutions as an Elite and Commercial Dealer of their energy equipment due to their commitment to high quality and excellent service. SunPower is known for producing high-quality, dependable solar system equipment.

Good Energy Solutions is particularly concerned with the quality of all aspects of solar system installation. A company of trained experts ensures that every stage is executed flawlessly. A well-designed solar system can only be efficient if it is precisely installed.

Aside from solar panel installation for residential and commercial clients, Good Energy Solutions offers additional services:

Solar Service and Repair: The service comprises troubleshooting, solar system repair, solar energy storage, monitoring, panel repair, and critter protection for solar panels.

Electrical Services: Good Energy Solutions’ electricians are ready to handle any electrical system installation and maintenance task.


Astrawatt is a solar panel company that operates in Kansas and numerous other states. It primarily aims to educate potential customers before they go solar, and that is what you see when you browse its website. The pages are filled with information, and the site’s user-friendly design and detailed material pique potential customers’ interest in the business from the first click. The company even provides a free homeowner’s guide to solar energy for download.

The organization is pleased to assist with the following product installation:

  • solar panels installation
  • battery solutions
  • EV charging systems

Astrawatt collaborates with well-known, reputable solar product manufacturers, including Tesla.

Tesla Powerwall Installation

Another distinguishing feature of the organization is what they call vertical integration. Astrawatt is happy to cover and oversee all aspects of solar system installation; all solar work is done in-house. This means that all their professionals, from advisors to installers and inspectors, work directly for them, unlike many other organizations collaborating with contractors at various phases of solar power implementation. Simultaneously, the crew is prepared to assist homes abandoned by their first Kansas solar installer with solar system care and maintenance.

Get Solar Quote

Choosing the right solar provider might be difficult because solar electricity requires a significant financial investment. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you get a solar quote. We recommend assessing solar installers, shortlisting the ones that best meet your needs, and getting solar estimates from each before picking which solar panel provider to work with. You will certainly find it helpful in making the right decision.

Here’s a brief overview of what solar quotes include and how they can influence your decision:

Cost Evaluation: Solar estimates help businesses and homeowners understand the cost of implementing solar power systems. You can also check what is included in the price, which will help you make a more reliable comparison.

Illustration of Money Saving with Solar Energy

Customized Solutions: Solar energy quotes are tailored to each property’s requirements. One can acquire many quotes to evaluate system size, configurations, and financing options that meet one’s budget and energy goals. Kansas solar installers frequently highlight upfront cost savings and incentives in their proposals.

Energy Savings: Solar quotes estimate the energy savings associated with converting to solar power. If homeowners and businesses know their estimated savings over time, they can make an informed decision regarding solar panel investment.

Return on Investment (ROI): This metric shows how much your investment will be worth in the following years. Solar estimates usually include the ROI for a solar panel system, which provides lower power expenses, increased property value, and the potential to profit from selling excess energy to the grid.

Getting a quote is easy. Contact the installer you want to work with for a solar partnership or use the quote form on their website to get an estimate. Your local consultant will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your questions and goals for going solar. This meeting will be used to examine and gather the essential information, following which the solar company will produce a personalized solar estimate that contains all of the information specified above.

After comparing solar quotes, you will sign a contract with your preferred Kansas solar panel company, and your solar project will be implemented.

We recommend acquiring multiple solar quotes from the most suitable solar panel companies. After carefully examining the information presented to you and comprehending each option’s financial and environmental benefits, you will make an informed selection.

Installation Process and What to Expect

When planning solar panel system installation in Kansas, it is important to understand what steps the process involves and what exactly will be covered by the solar panel company in Kansas. The solar panel installation process typically includes several significant steps:

  • Initial Consultation: The process typically begins with an initial consultation with a solar company representative. During this conversation, the representative will evaluate your energy needs, analyze your property’s solar potential, and discuss your solar system goals and preferences.
  • Site Assessment: After the initial meeting, the solar company will conduct a site assessment to gather particular information about your property. This examination may entail examining your roof’s tilt and shadow to determine the ideal location for solar panels and other electrical components.
  • System Design and Proposal: The solar company will design a tailored solar system for your property based on the site assessment and your energy requirements. They will then provide a proposal including the system design, equipment specifications, expected expenses, financing options, and potential savings.
  • Permitting and Interconnection: After you have approved the proposal, the solar provider will obtain the necessary permits from local authorities. This may include securing building permits and receiving approval from your utility company for grid hookup, which connects your solar system to the electricity grid.
Solar Panel Installation Process
  • Installation: After receiving approval, the solar company will schedule the installation of your solar panels and related equipment. Solar panel installation typically includes:
  1. Placing the panels on your roof or a ground-mounted racking system.
  2. Installing inverters and other electrical components.
  3. Connecting the system to your home’s electrical system.
  • Inspection: Following installation, local building authorities and your energy provider must inspect your solar system to confirm that it fulfills safety and performance standards. The solar company will do the inspections on your behalf.
  • Activation and Monitoring: After the inspections and approvals, your solar system will be activated, allowing you to start generating clean energy from the sun. Many solar companies offer monitoring tools that will enable you to track your system’s functioning and electricity generation remotely.
  • Maintenance and Support: Finally, your solar company will provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your system functions properly and consistently. This may include periodic inspections, cleaning solar panels, identifying emergent issues, and fulfilling equipment and workmanship warranties.

Kansas’s solar panel installation procedure comprises careful planning, expert installation, and ongoing support to help you transition to clean, renewable energy and maximize the potential of solar power for your home or business.

Our Verdict

Indeed, getting solar in Kansas is a fantastic idea. Significant advantages include abundant sunlight, decreased panel installation costs, and state regulations that help you save money. However, solar energy isn’t for everyone. Before making a decision, ensure you’ve thoroughly considered aspects such as your energy use, the climate in your hometown, the shape of your roof, and area shading. Once you’ve decided to embark on your solar journey, another challenge awaits: selecting the best solar company in Kansas. There is no universally greatest solar provider; instead, you can look for the one that best meets your specific needs.

In this post, we’ve discussed what factors to consider when choosing a solar provider in Kansas, how to obtain a price, and what to expect during installation. We also analyzed the leading Kansas solar companies, emphasizing their strengths and weaknesses. Considering and applying this information while choosing a solar partner will allow you to make a more balanced conclusion.

Kansas has tremendous potential for solar energy development. Invest in industry growth today and enjoy the benefits in the near future.



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