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Top-rated solar installers in Montana

If you’re searching for the best solar installer in Montana, make sure to explore our comprehensive solar platform It functions like a vast search engine for solar providers, highlighting green energy companies not because they are optimized for search engines or have paid for advertising but because of their service variety, user reviews, industry experience, and local commitment. Additionally, you can filter the results to show only installers who operate in your area and may offer personal incentives.

You can learn about the top Montana installers directly here or through the article, or conduct your own search by comparing solar installers near you. Purelight Power, SBS Solar, Thirsty Lake Solar, Independent Power, and Solar Montana are the five leading solar companies in Montana that we will highlight to assist you in navigating your options.

We’ll consider their solar installation reviews, giving you a clear picture of why they’re shining stars in Montana’s solar market. Let’s dive deep into their solar installation reviews, where we’ll uncover why they’re considered the bright lights in Montana’s solar market.

Top 5 Solar Companies in Montana

Purelight Power

Purelight Power is a solar installation company that has been in the business for five years. Supporting seven states (Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Kentucky, and Washington), they possess extensive geographical coverage, collaborating with major producers of solar panels, including SMA, SolarEdge, Tesla, SunPower, Canadian Solar, and Enphase.

Extensive warranty coverage is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Purelight Power. They offer a 10-year workmanship guarantee, a 25-year performance warranty, and a 25-year solar panels guarantee. This reassures customers that they are making a solid investment. Furthermore, in order to offer a comprehensive range of roofing replacement and repair services, they have partnered with GAF, a prominent roofing supplier in the United States.

At Purelight Power, the aim is to bring solar energy within everyone’s reach in Montana. With a $0 down program and flexible financing options, such as cash purchases and solar loans, customers can significantly lower their energy costs.

Similar to any enterprise, Purelight Power does possess a few aspects that could be enhanced. Although they have been in business for five years, certain customers consider their prices to be somewhat exorbitant. A power purchase agreement (PPA) and leased solar options are also unavailable. Finally, the organization’s lack of North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) accreditation may disappoint some clients.

SBS Solar

Family-owned and operated for more than fifteen years, SBS Solar has been a beacon in the solar trade. This business was established by Dan and Becky with the intention of providing residential and commercial properties with superior solar solutions.

Their team is a talented bunch, made up of certified installers who hold NABCEP certifications. Thus, you can have confidence that the installation of your solar panels will be performed by professionals. Whether you’re after a grid-tie system, need a battery backup, or want to go completely off-grid, SBS Solar has got you covered. In addition to efficiency retrofitting and energy auditing, they are experts in the installation of solar photovoltaics and ground-source heat pumps.

solar panels in Montana on the roof house
Residential solar panels

Stella, Helena, Butte, Missoula, Polson, Kalispell, and Great Falls are among the communities that SBS Solar is honored to assist. The company offers solar panels from top manufacturers such as SolarEdge Technologies, Ltd., Schneider Electric SA, and Canadian Solar to be sure that their customers receive only high-quality products.

When you go solar with SBS, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected by a 25-year performance warranty and a 25-year solar panels guarantee. Their quality is guaranteed, and they are certain of the longevity of their systems.

A few facts, nevertheless, ought to be known. Some customers might find it challenging to access SBS Solar’s services because they currently only operate within one state. They also don’t offer a workmanship warranty, which may be a disadvantage. Additionally, their financing alternatives are somewhat constrained, as they solely accept payments in full for purchases or loans. Those who prefer a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) alternative may find this unsuitable.

Thirsty Lake Solar

Thirsty Lake Solar is a local and dependable provider of solar energy. This company has established a commendable standing in the industry due to its extensive twenty-year tenure and its scrupulous focus on detail and high-quality craftsmanship. Thirsty Lake Solar, established by Jeff Wongstrom, a licensed residential electrician and certified solar PV installer, has gained recognition for its cost-effectiveness and personalized customer service regimen. Assuring a superior standard of proficiency and diligence, Jeff personally supervises every installation.

Already having more than seventy satisfied clients, the organization possesses extensive knowledge of off-grid and grid-connected residential and commercial solar electric systems. Solar Edge, SMA, Ironridge, and Direct Power and Water are among the brands of inverters and solar panel mounting systems that Thirsty Lake Solar provides. Currently, Thirsty Lake Solar is making significant strides in the state of Montana. However, their reach is confined to just one state.

Another potential disadvantage for customers may be the lack of information on financing options such as solar lease, PPA, warranty information, and customer referral programs. This is an area where Thirsty Lake Solar could improve to meet the demands of today’s solar market.

Independent Power

Due to its varied portfolio, Independent Power has established a commendable reputation within the energy sector. They have established their versatility and adaptability in the market by providing services to households, businesses, nonprofit organizations, utilities, the military, and national parks. Their demonstrated commitment to design excellence and superior craftsmanship is reinforced by their status as a SunPower Elite Dealer, which further enhances their credibility.

Their knowledge of the local area is what distinguishes Independent Power. With over 25 years of experience in the local market, Independent Power has a good understanding of the local climate, building codes, inspectors, tax rebates, and incentives. Knowledge of the terrain and the needs of Montanans allows them to provide a broad array of services, including solar, heat pump, battery, and EV charger solutions.

top solar companies in Montana


Independent Power collaborates with leading battery manufacturers such as Tesla, Humless, and Blue Ion as part of their dedication to excellence. Thus, the utmost quality is protected during the installation process. Furthermore, they maintain a strong affiliation with the community through the operation of a comprehensive referral program. Their commitment to employing licensed electricians and certified installers near you for in-house designs and installations demonstrates their esteemed integrity.

However, operating only in three states, the company is not without its drawbacks. This may restrict their ability to expand and contend in larger markets.

Independent Power is a dependable option for residential energy solutions due to its superior solar panel installation, outstanding customer service, and 25-year warranty. The company’s commitment to providing comprehensive services to its clientele is further exemplified by its residential energy monitoring system.

Solar Montana

Since 2005, Solar Montana has consistently been providing service to Central Montana as a reputable solar provider. Over 500 solar energy systems have been successfully installed and serviced, showcasing a strong track record in the renewable energy sector. The installation work performed by their team is both cost-effective and of superior quality, as they are NABCEP-certified installers and SEI International PV Design & Installation consultants.

In addition to providing design consultation, they accommodate both off-grid and grid-connected solar electric systems. Further, in order to accommodate the specific requirements of each client, Solar Montana offers an assortment of installation alternatives. Ideal for complex or shaded roofs, these alternatives consist of residential rooftop arrays as well as ground or pole-mounted systems.

Solar Montana provides ongoing system performance monitoring of the lifetime system. This allows customers to keep track of their solar panel’s efficiency over time.

Solar Montana is distinguished by its wide range of installation options, well-qualified personnel, and extensive experience. At present, their offerings are confined to central Montana, thereby restricting the scope of their clientele. More information regarding financing options, warranties, and customer referral programs would further enhance their ability to engage customers. Solar Montana continues to be a reputable entity in the solar service sector, notwithstanding these aspects that could be enhanced.

How We Evaluate Solar Companies in MT

Several critical factors are meticulously considered as we conduct our research in an effort to identify the leading solar companies in Montana. We are able to offer you reliable and practical information in this manner because:

  • We begin by looking into the solar company’s past. We pay attention to their market presence and expertise, what qualifications they hold, and whether they have all the needed certifications and licenses. This information makes it possible to learn about the reliability and whether the company is committed to improving good services.
  • Then we check the actual services they provide. Whether they perform different types of solar panel installation, such as rooftop or ground? What are their available financing alternatives? We have to make sure they can cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs and preferences.
  • Moreover, the organization’s reputation is also given considerable thought. We can gain insight into their customer service, dependability, and overall performance by examining customer ratings and reviews across multiple platforms.
  • Pricing must not be overlooked, of course. We are well aware that when selecting a solar company, obtaining excellent value for money is a concern for the majority of homeowners.
  • We consider the warranty coverage provided by the company. An unwavering warranty serves the dual purpose of instilling confidence in consumers and demonstrating the organization’s commitment to its offerings.

In short, our evaluation process is all about giving you a full and clear picture of each solar company. That way, you’ll have all the information you need to make a smart choice for your solar needs in Montana.

Our Recommendation

After taking a detailed look at solar companies in Montana, we’ve found that each of these solar companies brings something unique to the table:

  • Purelight Power is a reputable solar provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction through its comprehensive warranty coverage and wide selection of solar panel manufacturers. They ensure that solar energy is accessible to all through their flexible financing options and $0 down program.
  • Who places a premium on credentials should consider SBS Solar. Professional installation of your solar panels is guaranteed by their crew of NABCEP-certified installers. Also providing peace of mind are their 25-year performance and solar panel warranties.
  • Personalization of service to clients and superior craftsmanship are two aspects that distinguish Thirsty Lake Solar. They have established their proficiency in residential and commercial solar electric systems that are both off-grid and grid-connected.
  • Independent Power is a versatile choice. Based on their comprehensive referral program and classification as a SunPower Elite Dealer in the local market, they establish themselves as a dependable option.
  • Solar Montana has a proven track record of exceeding 500 successful installations. Consultants from SEI International PV Design & Installation and a team of NABCEP-certified installers guarantee superior service. Plus, their ongoing system performance monitoring helps you keep track of your system’s efficiency.
solar panels on the roof of the house


Where you are situated, your personal preferences, and the specifics of your search should largely guide your decision.

To ensure you are making the most optimal decision, It’s always best to request solar quotes from multiple companies and conduct a comparative analysis of them.

Solar Incentives & Programs in Montana

While Montana might not be the first state that comes to mind when you think of solar incentives, it does offer some pretty sweet deals that can save you a significant amount on your solar project:

  • First off, there’s the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This is a biggie. It gives you a credit equal to 30% of the cost of installing your solar system. That’s a substantial chunk of change!
  • Following that, there is the Revolving Loan Program for Alternative Energy. For the purpose of financing the transition to solar energy, this state program provides low-interest loans.
  • The Renewable Energy Systems Exemption should not be overlooked. After the solar system is installed, you are granted a long-term benefit in the form of an exemption from property taxes.
  • And last but not least, there’s net metering. This is a local incentive that reduces your electric bills if your solar system produces more energy than you use. The amount you save will depend on your energy needs and the size of your system.

One thing to keep in mind is that the federal credit is most beneficial if you owe income taxes. To ensure you’re receiving the greatest value for your money, it’s prudent to consult with your installer regarding financing and incentive applications.

Even though Montana might not have as many perks as some states, the incentives it offers are still pretty valuable. So don’t let the Big Sky State’s modest number of solar incentives fool you — there’s still plenty of savings to be had!

Financing Options Available for Montana Residents

If you’re a homeowner in Montana and you’re thinking about getting a solar installation, you’ve got a few different ways to finance it:

Cash purchases: This one’s pretty simple — you foot the entire bill for the system upfront. The upside? You own the system right off the bat, and you can take advantage of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. The downside? The initial cost can be a bit steep.

Solar loans: Solar loans are similar in nature to home enhancement loans. They let you spread out the cost of the system over a few years. The good news is you own the system right away and can still claim the federal tax credit. The not-so-good news? You’ll be paying interest on the loan.

Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): In these cases, the solar company owns the system. They take care of installation and maintenance on your property. Energy is available for purchase at a predetermined rate or for a monthly lease payment. Positive aspects? Predictable energy expenditures and no initial expenses. Negative aspects? Federal tax credit eligibility is not applicable since you do not own the system.

It is critical to consider your personal financial circumstances and energy future objectives prior to making a decision, as each of these financing alternatives possesses distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Is It Worth Going Solar in Montana?

Consider a number of crucial factors when contemplating the transition to solar energy in Montana:

  • First, the average cost per watt of solar installation in Montana is $3.22. Given its cost-effectiveness for households, this option is more economically viable than the national average of $3.33 per watt. Solar panels can also result in substantial long-term cost reductions, given Montana’s energy consumption, which is above average.
  • It is crucial to bear in mind that solar panels possess a lifespan exceeding 25 years despite the fact that the mean repayment period in Montana approaches the national average of 10.16 years. This provides an ample amount of time to maximize the savings and recoup the initial investment.
  • Furthermore, direct sunlight is optimal for the performance of solar panels. Montana enjoys an average of 201 sunny days annually, which is a respectable amount of sunlight.

A positive indicator for those interested in solar energy is the steady expansion of the solar industry in Montana. Switching to solar energy could, in conclusion, be a prudent and financially advantageous decision for a number of Montana homeowners.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panels in MT?

Solar panels are a great way to harness the power of the sun and turn it into electricity for your home. But, understandably, you might be wondering about the cost. As we have already mentioned, the average cost per watt for solar panels is about $3.22. Supposing you are interested in installing a standard residential solar system, which produces approximately 9 kilowatts (kW), This equates to an approximate cost of $28,980 prior to any tax credits or incentives. Does that sound steep? However, there is cause for optimism.

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is an example of such a solar savings program. The costs of solar panels can be reduced by 30% with the help of this program. So, with this credit, your total cost drops to just a little over $20,000.

Although this is only an average, keep in mind the following. The ultimate expense may fluctuate depending on a multitude of factors, including the system’s dimensions, the panel type selected, and the installation company. So, it’s always a good idea to talk to local solar panel companies. They can assist you in comprehending the potential savings for your particular circumstance and provide you with accurate estimates.

Therefore, avoid being deterred by the initial cost. Solar panels could be a brilliant addition to a residence, given the tax credit and the potential electricity bill savings.

What To Look For in a Solar Company in Montana

When choosing a solar company in Montana, 5 key factors should be considered to ensure you’re making the best decision:

  • Experience

Firstly, look for a company that possesses a robust track record and extensive industry experience. This could be a highly probable company to be well-informed and capable of providing top-notch services.

  • Local expertise

You must then hire a firm that really knows Montana. That means they understand the local climate, the rules and regulations, and any incentives that might be available. This local expertise can help them provide solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

  • Certification

It is advisable to verify their certifications additionally. Accreditations from reputable organizations such as NABCEP demonstrate a company’s dedication to upholding rigorous work standards.

  • Services

The company’s portfolio of services is an additional factor to contemplate. Everything from installation to monitoring and maintenance can be accessed in a single location, which makes the process simpler. Consider hiring a business that provides an extensive selection of services.

  • Customer reviews

Finally, take a look at their customer reviews and ratings. This can give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of customer service and overall performance.

Remember, the goal here is to find a company that matches your needs and can provide a top-quality, cost-effective solar solution. So take your time, do your research, and choose wisely.

How To Get a Solar Quote in Montana

In Montana and seeking a solar quote? Do some research initially. In your area, locate reputable solar companies. You can easily do this by checking out customer reviews, seeing how long they’ve been in the business, and making sure they have all the necessary licenses or certifications.

Once you’ve got a few companies in mind, give them a call. They typically provide obligation-free quotes at no cost. They’ll probably ask you a few questions about your home, like how big it is, where it’s located, and how much energy you typically use. Certain organizations might even employ satellite imagery to assess the solar power output potential of your roof.

Remember to inquire about financing options, warranty provisions, and potential rebates or special offers that may be advantageous to consider when purchasing solar panels.

So as to compare prices and ensure you’re receiving the greatest bargain, it’s prudent to obtain estimates from multiple businesses.

Although this is not always the case, the least expensive option may not be the best. Consider factors such as the equipment’s quality, the company’s reputation, and the post-purchase service provided.

Wrapping Up

We have analyzed a few solar companies, including Purelight Power, SBS Solar, Thirsty Lake Solar, Independent Power, and Solar Montana.

Although each one has its pros, some areas need improvement. We strongly advise you to get estimates from multiple companies, ask lots of questions, and make a decision that suits your specific needs and preferences.

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, switching to solar energy in Montana could save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

So why not take advantage of the sun’s power and help make Montana a more environmentally friendly place?



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