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New Hampshire’s Solar Potential

New Hampshire, known for its picturesque landscapes and robust seasons, is increasingly being recognized for its solar energy potential. Despite its relatively small size and varied climate, the Granite State possesses a significant capacity for solar energy production. The region’s long daylight hours in the summer and high-latitude winter sun angles create a conducive environment for solar power generation. This potential is further amplified by New Hampshire’s commitment to renewable energy, reflected in its progressive policies and incentives.

Estimated Solar Installation Potential in New Hampshire (info provided by Project Sunroof)

Solar Energy in Numbers

The solar energy landscape in New Hampshire has witnessed substantial growth over the past decade. The state’s total installed solar capacity has been steadily increasing, reflecting a growing trend towards sustainable energy solutions.

  • Total Solar Capacity (kW): New Hampshire has a total solar capacity of approximately 2,263,589.5 kilowatts (kW).
  • Total Annual Solar Energy Generation (kWh): The yearly solar energy generation potential in New Hampshire is around 2.555 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh).
  • Existing Installations: As of the data available, there have been about 262 solar installations in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire’s solar market is supported by a range of leading solar companies. These companies offer a spectrum of services, including residential, commercial, and community solar projects. There is also a growing presence of local startups and medium-sized enterprises that are making significant inroads in the solar industry, contributing to the state’s economy and environmental goals.

Get Solar Quote in New Hampshire

Navigating the eco-friendly path in the Granite State, where seasons paint a vivid palette from the brisk autumns to the lush summers, getting a personalized solar quote in New Hampshire is a pivotal step for homeowners aiming to harness the renewable radiance of the sun. With solar potential fluctuating due to New Hampshire’s diverse landscape and climate, a tailored solar installation quote transcends a mere price tag — it encapsulates a meticulous energy assessment harmonized with the specific solar incentives and net metering policies exclusive to this New England haven.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The expansion of the solar industry in New Hampshire has had a notable impact on both the economy and the environment. Economically, the solar sector has created jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and sales, contributing to local and state economic growth. Environmentally, increased solar energy use has led to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, aiding New Hampshire’s efforts to combat climate change and reduce its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the shift towards solar energy helps to diversify the state’s energy portfolio, reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Challenges and Opportunities

The growth of the solar industry in New Hampshire is not without its challenges. The state faces issues such as regulatory hurdles, the need for grid modernization, and the variability of solar energy production due to seasonal changes. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and growth. For instance, advancements in solar storage technology and grid integration can help overcome the intermittency of solar power. Incentive programs and supportive policies can also encourage more widespread adoption of solar energy across the state.

Number of Solar Panels

To quantify New Hampshire’s solar potential, it’s important to consider the number of solar panels required to meet a significant portion of the state’s energy needs. Based on average sunlight hours, energy consumption patterns, and the efficiency of modern solar panels, an estimate can be made regarding the number of panels needed. This calculation not only reflects the potential scale of solar energy adoption but also serves as a guide for future investments and policy-making.


New Hampshire’s journey towards a solar-powered future is marked by both achievements and challenges. With its promising solar potential, supportive policies, and growing industry, the state is well-positioned to increase its reliance on renewable energy. The continued growth of the solar sector in New Hampshire will play a crucial role in meeting the state’s environmental targets, stimulating its economy, and providing sustainable energy solutions for its residents. As solar technology advances and becomes more cost-effective, New Hampshire stands to benefit significantly from this clean, renewable source of energy.



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