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Solar energy is an ideal source of power to harness in New Mexico due to the state’s abundance of sunlight. New Mexico solar companies are in high demand due to the state’s enticing solar incentives and the increasing public consciousness regarding sustainable energy.

It can be quite difficult to determine which option is best for you, given the abundance of alternatives available. That’s why we’ve stepped in to make the process simpler for you.

We identified experienced local solar installers in New Mexico using the SolarPowerSystems platform, the most extensive database of solar providers in the US. The platform provides detailed information about each company, the solar packages they offer, and a variety of user reviews, both positive and negative. This ensures a fair selection process, as the platform is not financially tied to any of the listed companies.

To learn about the top New Mexico installers, you can read more directly here or through an article on Alternatively, you can compare solar installers near you by conducting your own search on the platform or ask for personal solar quote.

We’ve put together a list of the top five local solar energy companies in New Mexico based on a thorough analysis of key factors. A comprehensive evaluation of every company’s merits has been conducted by such factors:

  • cost;
  • financing options;
  • company reputation;
  • warranties offered;
  • number of states served;
  • types of solar panels installed;
  • the company’s licenses, insurance, and certifications.

So, who are the top picks? Positive Energy Solar, Select Solar, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, Sol Luna Solar, and Affordable Solar. These companies have proven their worth in the solar industry, and we’re confident they can help you harness New Mexico’s sun in the best way possible.

Top Solar Installation Companies in New Mexico

Detailed Review

Positive Energy Solar

With over 25 years of experience under their belt, Positive Energy Solar has successfully completed more than 5,000 installations. They are a serious competitor to be reckoned with in the field of solar energy in New Mexico.

This company isn’t just about installing solar panels. They offer a whole range of solar services, including battery storage systems and electric vehicle charger installations. What makes them stand out? Particular solar policies, regional regulations, and weather conditions are all within their knowledge of New Mexico.

They’ve cooperated with leading solar panel manufacturers like Q CELLS, REC, Enphase, Tesla, and SunPower to ensure their systems are reliable and efficient. Furthermore, they provide a warranty that extends for a period of 25 to 30 years and covers any mechanical or electrical malfunctions caused by normal use.

solar panel installation process

Positive Energy Solar provides assistance with regard to financing a solar energy system. A $0 down payment is one of the loan and funding options they provide. Your optimal financing option will be determined in collaboration with their proficient technical staff.

The precise communication and superior customer service that Positive Energy Solar provides throughout the installation process are greatly appreciated by their clients. In addition, their contributions to the local community and commitment to renewable energy have earned them recognition.

Sure, they have a few limitations. Operating exclusively in New Mexico, they do not provide leasing or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). But, their focus on one market means they can offer a personalized service and competitive pricing.

Select Solar

Select Solar
Select Solar Installation Process

Established more than 20 years ago, Select Solar is a household name in the renewable energy industry. In addition to solar photovoltaic initiatives, they have established a notable reputation in various sectors, including commercial and industrial development. From design to installation, they have everything you could possibly need for solar electric systems.

Their dedication to the environment is one aspect that truly distinguishes Select Solar. They prioritize recycling in addition to renewable energy. As evidence of their commitment to a sustainable future, they have recycled a tremendous quantity of construction and office materials over the years.

The construction experts on staff at Select Solar ensure that each project is of the highest quality. You can also rest assured that you are purchasing the highest quality products available, as they cooperate with such companies as Sonnen, LG, Enphase, and SolarEdge.

a view of commerical solar panel system on the roof


Solar energy should be accessible to all, according to Select Solar. For this reason, they provide different financing options, including cash, loans, and PPA. Financially, they simplify the process of installing solar energy by assisting clients in claiming federal tax credits. This demonstration of their dedication to environmental sustainability enables a wide audience to benefit from solar energy.

They provide a solid 25-year system/manufacturer warranty on their LG NeonR modules and either SolarEdge DC optimized inverter system or Enphase micro-inverter systems. This means their customers can trust in the long-term reliability and value of their products.

Client feedback for Select Solar is predominantly positive. Constantly placing the customer first, they are renowned for efficiently managing complex installations and resolving issues. But there’s always room to get better. They could improve their service even further by including additional information on their website regarding work guarantees and by instituting a referral program.

Currently, Select Solar operates solely in the state of New Mexico. Therefore, their marketing efforts should primarily target local campaigns. However, despite this geographical limitation, Select Solar has established itself as one of the top contenders in New Mexico’s solar industry.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric

Based in Las Cruces, the company offers comprehensive solar solutions for residential and commercial properties. In addition to PV solar system installation, the company also provides services:

  • EV car charging station installation,
  • generator and battery installation,
  • solar system inspections,
  • electrical service upgrades,
  • removal of installations.

Licensed electricians, certified designers, and solar installers who take pride in their work comprise the staff at Organ Mountain Solar & Electric. It is their utmost priority to ensure customer satisfaction and uphold standards of professionalism and excellence. They have technical sales advisors available to assist you during the transition if you are unfamiliar with solar energy.

view of the animal facility with solar panels on the roof

Source: kore

A partnership with reputable manufacturers, including Enphase, REC, Panasonic, Generac, and Mission, further enhances the credibility of Organ Mountain Solar & Electric. Additionally, Panasonic has nominated them as a premium installer. All their systems come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, but there is no information on whether this warranty also covers their installation work.

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric has, however, some limitations similar to every other business. Some clients’ financing options may be restricted due to the absence of solar leases and power purchase agreements. Additionally, their services are limited to particular New Mexico communities.

Sol Luna Solar

Sol Luna Solar

Established in New Mexico more than 45 years ago, Sol Luna Solar is a well-known provider of residential solar energy solutions. Within the fiercely competitive solar installation industry, they have successfully established a distinct niche.

Their extensive selection of solar installation services distinguishes Sol Luna Solar. They offer every type of solar PV carport configuration:

  • ground-mount,
  • roof-mounted,
  • flush-mount.

This allows clients to select the solar solution that most effectively fulfills their individual requirements.

Another feather in their cap is the ease of process. From the preliminary consultation to the final system inspection and activation, they provide comprehensive packages that include everything. Customers are, therefore, not required to deal with subcontractors or manage complex processes.

sol luna solar projects


Cash and loan payments are accepted at Sol Luna Solar in order to ensure that their services are accessible to all. With regard to warranties and their collaborations with other brands, however, they could provide more comprehensive details on their website.

The feedback given by customers for Sol Luna Solar is positive. Customers contend that the exceptional service they receive justifies the slightly higher cost of their offerings. An additional factor contributing to the company’s impeccable standing is its distinctive referral program and superior customer service.

Affordable Solar

Since its company’s establishment in 1998, Affordable Solar, based in New Mexico, has emerged as a prominent entity in the solar energy industry. With over 180 employees and the installation of over 20,000 solar systems in 96 countries, the organization has expanded exponentially over the years. The expansion observed is a clear indication of their dedication to integrity, partnership, and customer satisfaction.

The company serves a wide range of customers, from homeowners to businesses and industrial facilities. The successful installation of more than 4,000 solar systems in New Mexico alone attests to their proficiency and dependability. Understanding the financial aspects of adopting solar is equally important to Affordable Solar’s success as its technical expertise. They’ve partnered with lenders to offer cash or loan financing options, giving their customers the financial flexibility they need.


All-inclusive service is one feature that distinguishes Affordable Solar. Additionally, they manage the application process for all required permits, in addition to advising clients on state and federal incentive programs. An additional benefit is their comprehensive warranty program, which comprises:

  • a performance guarantee of 5 years,
  • a workmanship warranty of 10 years,
  • and an equipment warranty of 25 years.

The company’s professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional service have been expressed by the majority of Affordable Solar’s clientele. Nevertheless, certain clients have raised apprehensions regarding quality, communication deficiencies, and project delays, thereby highlighting potential problems for the company.

Despite its many accomplishments, Affordable Solar is not without its constraints. Its services are only available in New Mexico, limiting its reach. Also, the lack of information on their website about the brands they partner with could potentially put off prospective clients.

How We Evaluate Solar Companies in New Mexico

In order to provide the most accurate and beneficial information to you, we have adopted a comprehensive approach to evaluating local solar installers in New Mexico. We consider a wide range of factors that can influence your decision to go solar:

  • Experience and Reputation of the Company

Customer feedback and the track record of a company are considered crucial metrics in assessing their competence and dependability. Additionally, we assess whether they maintain memberships in reputable organizations such as the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).


  • Company’s Services

We are interested in learning whether the company provides solar installations on a residential, commercial, or utility scale, in addition to supplementary features such as electric vehicle charging stations and battery storage systems. The brands of solar panels and inverters they use can also tell us a lot about the quality and efficiency of their solar systems.

  • Pricing and Financing Options

We check if solar installers in New Mexico offer flexible payment options like cash, loans, leases, and power purchase agreements. We also check if their pricing policy is competitive and transparent.

  • Warranty

We assess the duration and scope of warranties pertaining to workmanship, performance, and equipment, as we believe that such warranties can safeguard your investment and provide you with peace of mind.

  • Number of States Served

The ability of a company to serve a diverse customer base and its comprehension of local solar policies and regulations is of high importance.

Our Recommendation

Some of the best solar companies in New Mexico in our opinion are Positive Energy Solar, Select Solar, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, Sol Luna Solar, and Affordable Solar. These companies offer unique benefits and services that set them apart from their competitors in the solar industry:

  • Positive Energy Solar has been in the game for an impressive 25 years, showing its reliability and experience. They work with top-notch solar panel manufacturers and offer a robust warranty of 25–30 years, which outlasts the manufacturers’ warranty. This shows they really believe in the quality of their products and services.
  • Select Solar is a full-service solar provider with a strong commitment to conservation and recycling. They have partnerships with reputable brands and offer a comprehensive 25-year warranty on solar systems.
  • Organ Mountain Solar & Electric is a great choice for customers seeking turnkey solar solutions. Facilitating a seamless transition to solar energy, their staff is comprised of licensed electricians, certified designers, and industry specialists.
view of a beautiful white house with solar panels on the roof


  • Sol Luna Solar, with its 40 years of experience, is known for its customer-centric approach and affordability. Assuring that you receive optimal value for your money, they provide all-inclusive solar installation packages and complimentary performance monitoring packages.
  • Affordable Solar stands out for its emphasis on teamwork, integrity, and exceptional customer service. They offer a solid warranty package and flexible financing options, making solar energy accessible to more people.

Customer priorities when choosing a New Mexico solar company can vary greatly. Some may prioritize experience and reliability, while others may look for flexible financing options. Each of these companies aligns with different customer priorities, making them all strong contenders in the New Mexico solar market.

Solar Incentives in New Mexico

New Mexico is an ideal location for solar energy investments due to its abundant sunshine. Going solar in New Mexico is not only cost-effective but also provides a substantial return on investment, owing to a multitude of incentives for renewable energy:

Solar Market Development Tax Credit (SMDTC)

This program gives you a 10% tax credit on the cost of installing a solar system, with a cap of $6,000. In addition to residential applications, this program can also be advantageous for agricultural, commercial, and industrial systems. The SMDTC is a well-liked program sponsored by an annual budget of $12 million and will be offering its services up until 2032. However, due to its popularity, it’s a good idea to apply early in the year to make sure you get your share.

Sustainability Building Tax Credit (SBTC)

While it’s not strictly a solar incentive, it can be combined with solar installation. It could qualify you for up to $6.50 per square foot for sustainable design. So, if you’re thinking about a sustainable design with integrated solar panels, this could be a financially rewarding move.

Property tax

Homeowners can avail an essential benefit in the form of property tax exemption for residential solar systems. The exemption ensures that you won’t be taxed for any increase in the value of your home after installing a solar system. This benefit further enhances the financial advantages of going solar.


Net metering

You can earn credit for the surplus solar energy you input back into the grid if your system generates more power than it consumes. You will ultimately save a substantial amount by applying this credit toward the reduction of your future electricity expenses.

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Investment Tax Credit is the federal solar tax credit as well. This authorizes a 30% federal tax deduction for the cost of solar projects. A substantial reduction in the overall expense of solar system installation can result from this.

Financing Options Available for New Mexico Residents

Several viable payment options exist for New Mexico residents who are contemplating the installation of solar panels.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each option prior to reaching a conclusion is crucial:

Cash purchase

With this option, you pay all expenses in advance. This means you can qualify for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit, which is a silver lining despite the significant initial costs.

Solar loans

Similar to a mortgage for home improvement, the cost of the system is spread out over a prolonged period of time. While you will need to pay interest on the loan, purchasing the system in full will give you complete ownership and the opportunity to claim the federal tax credit.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and leases

With this arrangement, the solar company maintains and owns the system. The company will install it on your property, and you’ll either pay a set rate for the energy or a monthly lease fee. One advantage is that there are no initial expenses involved, and you are fully informed of your energy expenses. You cannot claim the Federal Tax Credit, however, because you do not own the system.

Each option has its own set of terms and conditions, initial costs, and maintenance responsibilities. Understanding these and considering their potential impact on energy expenses in the present and future is of the utmost importance.

Is It Worth Going Solar in New Mexico?

If you live in the state of New Mexico, you might be used to enjoying sunny weather for about 293 days per year. Have you ever thought about using all that sunlight to generate energy? To ascertain the viability of transitioning to solar energy, let us examine some numerical data:

  • The monthly electricity consumption for the average New Mexico household is 670 kWh. While slightly below the national average, the amount still significantly exceeds 500 kWh, thus justifying the considerable investment in solar panels.
  • The cost of installing solar panels in New Mexico is around $3.45 per watt, slightly above the national average. However, the average system size required in New Mexico is lower than average, at about 7 kW. Additionally, 30% of the installation cost can be claimed back through the federal tax credit. So, you’re looking at a total cost of about $16,905.
  • So when do you start seeing a return on investment? The process of recouping the initial investment in solar panels in New Mexico typically requires 13 years. That’s about the same as the national average.
  • Furthermore, renewable energy is a major priority in New Mexico. The state’s renewable energy goals are to generate 50% of its electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2045.
  • Installing solar energy can also result in significant cost savings on electricity expenses. A month’s worth of electricity costs the average New Mexican $95.69. Annually, you will save approximately $1,148 if this amount is deducted from electricity payments.
  • Solar market development tax credit and net metering, which allows you to sell any excess energy you produce back to the utility company, are two of the most enticing solar energy incentives in New Mexico. This may facilitate an even more rapid recovery of your investment.
  • The value of your property can be increased by solar panels. Solar-panel-equipped residences are valued at 4.1% higher on average. That represents a rise of approximately $11,922 for the mean residence in New Mexico.

In New Mexico, then, does it make sense to go solar? It certainly appears to be a wise decision, given the abundance of sunlight, the robust backing for renewable energy, the attractive incentives, and the potential for cost savings and an escalated property value.

What Is the Cost of Solar Panels in New Mexico?

With the rising demand for renewable energy, more and more residents are considering this eco-friendly option. However, the cost is undeniably a significant factor to follow:

  • On average, solar panels in New Mexico cost about $3.45 per watt. That’s a touch above the national average of $3.33 per watt. Still, that should not discourage you. Solar energy can be a prudent and economical investment for the majority of homeowners in New Mexico due to the state’s abundant sunshine.
  • Multiple variables affect the price of solar panels. Most importantly, consider the size of the solar system you require. Since pricing is based on watts, a larger system will naturally cost more. For instance, every kilowatt above the standard 7-kW system will add roughly $3,450 to your bill. In order to prevent incurring extra expenses, it is critical to determine your energy requirements precisely.
  • The type of solar equipment you choose also plays a part in the overall cost. Despite their higher price, high-efficiency panels are typically required in locations with little sunlight. Costs are generally kept to a minimum by utilizing less expensive, less efficient panels in sunny New Mexico.
  • Solar panels are also a cost-effective option due to New Mexico’s climate. You won’t be required to invest in additional, costly equipment, such as photovoltaic batteries, because the state rarely experiences extreme weather that frequently causes power disruptions.
  • Payment methods can also have an effect on the total price of solar panels. Paying in cash requires a hefty upfront cost, while solar loans spread the cost over a longer period but may lead to higher long-term expenses due to interest.
  • The overall expenditure can be substantially impacted by the selection of the solar installation company. The labor charges and equipment costs that are reflected in the price estimates of various businesses vary. Finding a company that offers a favorable trade-off between price and quality is, therefore, of the utmost importance.

As a result of the state’s ample sunlight, temperate climate, and diverse financing options, solar panels in New Mexico are a worthwhile investment despite their slightly higher cost compared to the national average. To ensure they receive the greatest return on investment, householders must thoughtfully evaluate their energy requirements, the equipment type, and the installation company.

How to Get a Solar Quote in New Mexico

free solar quote
Get a free solar quote in New Mexico

Taking the first step towards solar energy transition in New Mexico is crucial. To start, you should get a quote for solar installation provided by our industry experts. Although it may appear confusing at first, rest assured that it is uncomplicated. To assist you, the following is a step-by-step guide:

  • Locate reputable solar companies in your area as a preliminary step. One should consider selecting a provider that possesses a substantial tenure, positive customer feedback, and all licenses. Such reassurance will be provided regarding their reliability and expertise, particularly with regard to regional solar incentives and regulations.
  • It is time to request quotes from the businesses that have been included in your shortlist. A free, no-obligation quote is provided by the majority of them. Information regarding the dimensions, location, and average energy consumption of your residence will be required. Companies might even assess the suitability of your roof for solar panels using satellite imagery.
  • During this process, make sure you ask about financing options. Many businesses are devising strategies to reduce the price of solar panels. Furthermore, inquire about the specifics of the warranty and any possible discounts or special offers. Implementing these can significantly reduce the total expense of your solar system.
  • However, don’t simply choose the least expensive option. You also need to think about the quality of the equipment, the company’s reputation, and the service they offer after you’ve bought the system. Every single one of these factors is critical for ensuring a positive experience and a lengthy working system.
  • At last, make an effort to obtain estimates from multiple businesses. You can ensure you are receiving the greatest value by comparing prices and services in this manner. Don’t rush into a decision — you need to consider each offer and make an informed choice.

Wrapping Up

New Mexico is a sun-soaked paradise, making it an ideal spot for solar energy production. Local solar power companies like Positive Energy Solar, Select Solar, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, Sol Luna Solar, and Affordable Solar are tapping into this abundant resource, each with its unique strengths.

In New Mexico, an additional benefit of switching to solar energy is a reduction in carbon emissions, in addition to cost savings. It is an incredible opportunity to reduce your energy costs while simultaneously helping the environment. Your wallet and the world will both benefit from this.

It is vital to compare prices before deciding to install solar panels. Choose a plan that is customized to your particular requirements after obtaining estimates from multiple providers and asking pertinent questions. So as to maximize the benefits of solar energy, you will arrive at an informed conclusion.

Solar energy conversion involves more than mere financial considerations. It is an effort to make New Mexico more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Therefore, let’s utilize solar energy to influence the environment for the better.

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