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Switching to solar energy in Virginia is undoubtedly the right choice, but the process can be very confusing with such a huge variety of solar companies in Virginia.

In this article, we explore a selection of solar companies in Virginia sourced from SolarPowerSystems, the most comprehensive database of solar installers in the USA. At SolarPowerSystems, you can manually review the extensive list of over 2,000 companies we’ve compiled. Unlike other sites, we proudly display our full list of companies, not just those we are partnered with. This commitment to transparency sets us apart, and you will not find other solar review aggregators as open as we are.

You can learn about the top Virginia installers directly here or through the article, or conduct your own search by comparing solar quotes from the installers near you.

With the passage of the historic Clean Economy Act of 2020, Virginia committed to an ambitious transition away from the fossil fuels it has long pumped into the shale fields and harvested from its mines in the southwest. Virginia’s energy policy has changed during the last three years, with a focus on the expansion of solar and wind energy. The state has installed solar capacity on a gigawatt scale, exceeding earlier installations.

ION Solar

A premium, full-service solar installer, ION Solar provides reasonable solutions that let clients profit from their advantages with little to no upfront expenses. With all-premium equipment and for just a small percentage of the cost of conventional power, ION’s experts take care of every step of the process, allowing homes to switch to solar energy worry-free.


  • ION Earth Program

A home will go green through ION Earth for every two megawatts of solar built by ION Solar. ION Earth partners with Habitat for Humanity (a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home) to find homes that require free solar systems. Habitat, created 40 years ago, has supported over 6.8 million households in 70 countries and 1400 towns, making it the right partner for ION Earth.

  • No Subcontractors

ION Solar does not outsource any of its installations; all solar panels and inverters are installed internally. Working with a full-service provider like ION Solar will usually benefit homeowners because it will give them total control over who is in and around their home and family.


  • No Storage for Solar Energy

ION Solar does not provide solar battery storage as an add-on for its home solar systems. To maximize the effectiveness of their solar system, many of the leading solar installers advise their clients to build a solar energy storage system.

Solar SME

Solar SME is headquartered in Grand Prairie, Texas, and is known for its exceptional services in the installation, maintenance, roofing, and repair of solar panels for residential and commercial properties. Their commitment to sustainability is unparalleled, and they strive to provide top-quality services that are both reliable and innovative. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they have been recognized by Panasonic as Southwest’s fastest-growing installer. When you choose Solar SME, you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your solar installation needs.


  • Variety of Services

While Solar SME focuses on energy storage, it offers other solar services. The solar company can build household solar systems in just 12 weeks. Commercial solar systems, solar panel cleaning and maintenance, solar system repair, and roofing repair are also offered.

  • Certifications and Partnerships

In addition to being an LG Pro Authorized Partner, Panasonic Solar Premium Installer, and Certified Solar Professional for REC solar panels, Solar SME collaborates with reputable solar equipment manufacturers.

Additionally, Solar SME is a Pearl-certified business (good in Texas, Georgia, and Pennsylvania), so clients who choose Solar SME for home upgrades can anticipate a minimum 5% boost in their property’s market value. In other industry relationships, Solar SME is an Enphase Silver Installer, meaning it has installed a significant number of Enphase systems and can install Enphase’s energy storage solutions. The solar installer is a Generac-authorized dealer.

  • Range of Relocation Services

Whether you’re moving to a new home or extending your existing solar installation, Solar SME offers comprehensive relocation services. The solar installer handles everything, ensuring that your solar panels are carefully taken out, transferred, and put back. The following scenarios could be applied to the installation or removal of solar panels:

  1. Roof maintenance or repair
  2. Home renovation or remodeling
  3. System upgrades and expansion
  4. Relocation to new home


  • Restricted National Reach

At present, eight states are served by Solar SME with regard to residential and commercial solar services: Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Some industry-leading organizations cover as many as 25 states without compromising quality of service, even though this is obviously more than the bulk of solar contractors, whose service regions are confined to one or two states.

Paradise Energy Solutions

Paradise Energy Solutions was established by four brothers in 2009 and since then has grown to more than 90 employees in 7 states covering commercial solar, agricultural solar, and residential solar. It is a full-service solar installer that provides turnkey grid-tied solar systems. The company’s main values are stewardship, integrity, and faith.


  • Paradise Protect Service Plans

For your solar energy system, Paradise Energy Solutions provides three different degrees of protection. Different levels of system monitoring, system inspections, and performance analysis are provided by the three protection plans:

  1. Silver Plan — Includes alert-based inverter level tracking;
  2. Gold Plan — contains all of the Silver Plan’s features as well as an annual performance analysis of the system;
  3. Platinum Plan — includes one annual onsite checkup and report in addition to everything included in the Gold Plan.
  • Reroofing Process

Some homeowners need their solar panel system removed or reinstalled for roof mounting or repair. The Paradise Energy Solutions team knows that removing and reinstalling solar panels is a stressful task, so they make it quick and easy. For a free estimate on solar panel removal and reinstallation, visit Paradise Energy Solutions or phone the firm.

  • Triple Ten Guarantee

Paradise Energy Solutions guarantees the workmanship, performance, and monitoring of any solar power system it installs with a Triple Ten Guarantee. The warranty covers parts, labor, and production. This warranty covers damaged part removal, replacement, delivery, and reinstallation. At the customer’s existing electric bill, Paradise Energy Solutions will cover the difference if the solar array doesn’t produce as promised.


  • Limited Equipment Information

On its website, Paradise Energy Solutions does not list solar panel brands. Paradise Energy Solutions’ energy efficiency is unknown due to a lack of solar panel data.

It is unknown if the company offers solar battery options. Most solar installers offer batteries.

  • No BBB Accreditation

Main Street Solar

Main Street Solar is a family-run solar company that serves the entire state of Virginia with installation and maintenance services. Because Main Street Solar’s skilled installation crew is NABCEP accredited, customers may feel secure knowing that the installers have attained a high caliber of training and experience.

Residential and commercial solar, grid-tie systems, battery backup, off-grid system installations, solar water heating installations, and solar pool heating are just a few of the many solar services that Main Street Solar provides.


  • Solar Water Heating

Solar battery and storage installation is becoming more common among solar enterprises. However, there are other solar services. Clients can use solar water heating instead of standard methods. Main Street Solar estimates that the average Virginia household may save $600 per year by adopting solar water heating instead of electricity. Main Street Solar can install solar water heating systems that maximize energy savings and house value.

  • Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is one of Main Street Solar’s other special services. Pool heating may be extremely expensive, particularly in the busiest months. On the other hand, customers can keep their pools warm all year round without breaking the budget, thanks to solar pool heating technology. While there aren’t many conventional solar installation businesses experimenting with solar pool heating, Main Street Solar already has the know-how to configure these systems for optimal performance.


  • No Solar Sales Support

Solar companies usually have sales and installation departments. Sales conducts initial consulting and may help design the system. Based on the company’s solar manufacturer access, this sales department orders equipment and chooses the finest brand or technology for the client. This service is helpful because most prospective clients are not solar experts. Main Street Solar lacks sales. Solar professionals should help clients buy equipment. An altogether other party will be involved in the solar process, which will increase client costs.

  • Limited Service Area

Most installers serve one state or several cities. A few solar enterprises have expanded to many states or regions. Main Street Solar is small and operates only in Virginia. Main Street Solar can only serve one state, so it cannot serve as many prospective solar clients as other companies.

  • No BBB Accreditation

Ipsun Solar

The name Ipsun means “yourself” in Latin. Joe Marhamati and Hervé Billiet started it when they became coworkers at the US Department of Energy. Hervé and Joe set out to “install as many solar panels as [they could] to fight climate change” and inform their customers about the economic and environmental advantages of switching to solar power in Virginia. Hervé also assisted in the construction of the first automobile with solar panels.


  • A B Corp Certification

A Certified B Corp (or B Corporation) is a business with a social-change mindset. In order to be considered a B Corp, a solar company must prove that its organization makes significant contributions to support social change. A rigorous evaluation process examines the organization’s efforts to address the needs of its employees and customers and how it impacts the environment. B Corps is one of the best ways to create real and lasting change through business. Customers who choose Ipsun Solar can be certain that their contributions are making a marked difference in the world.

  • Variety of Payment Methods
  1. Cash — Customers who wish to own their own equipment and can pay for the whole system ahead can choose this straightforward payment option.
  2. Lease — You rent solar equipment and pay a monthly charge. The rate is unaffected by energy use.
  3. PPAA Power Purchase Agreement leases or rents solar equipment. Unlike a lease, you will pay based on your monthly energy use.
  4. CECUThe Clean Energy Credit Union is a unique lender that helps customers finance environmental products and services. The Union guarantees low rates and flexible credit terms. It offers a “combo loan,” allowing customers to use a long-term payment plan and qualify for solar panel federal tax credits. CECU funds reduce climate change, promote solar panel use, and establish environmental groups. Ipsun Solar’s products and services are highlighted by this unique payment mechanism.
  • Tesla Powerwall Installer

Powerwall stores solar energy during the day to use during power outages. With 70% charge capacity, Tesla Powerwalls are warranted for 10 years.


  • Limited States Served

Ipsun Solar covers only 3 states so far — Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Solar Energy World

One of the fastest-growing locally owned and controlled solar installers on the East Coast, Solar Energy World, has installed thousands of bespoke solar panels since 2009. Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington DC are its current markets. Solar Energy World provides homeowners with sustainable energy solutions that include high-quality products to work efficiently and remain ecologically friendly over their lifetime. The sustainable energy provider prides itself on its full solar power experience, from planning to installation. The majority of Solar Energy World reviews are favorable, demonstrating a commitment to client happiness.


  • Variety of Financing Options

Solar Energy World provides loans, PPAs, and outright purchases as its three payment methods. It will be possible for customers to profit from Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) and other federal and state incentives whether they decide to finance their system or pay for it in full. For clients who buy their systems, the average return on investment is usually 125 % in 5 to 7 years. Homeowners who install solar might anticipate a 500% return on investment in 20 years. If they decide to go the PPA way, customers can install a system on their roof for no money down. Customers of Solar PPAs will merely pay for the energy generated by their roof-mounted solar panels at a rate that is at least 20% lower than what they currently spend each month for electricity.

  • Modern, High-quality Equipment

Solar Energy World installs only high-efficiency, best-in-class German, Chinese, and American solar PV panels. The company employs Silfab, LONGi Solaris, Hanwha Q CELLS, and REC Solar solar cells and SolarEdge, Enphase, and Fronius inverters predominantly.

In-house engineers develop ground mount and rooftop solar systems to meet each customer’s energy demands at Solar Energy World.

  • Referral Program

Solar Energy World’s referral program is open to non-customers. Solar Energy World clients can receive $500 for each referral who installs a 6 kW or bigger solar system and $300 for 4 kW to 5 kW systems. Non-customers will receive $250 for each recommendation who installs a 6 kW or bigger solar system and $150 for 4 kW to 5 kW systems. You can refer to an unlimited amount of people.


  • Limited Number of States Served

Solar Energy World serves a limited number of states. Thus, you will not be able to transact with Solar Energy World if you reside anywhere else. Although there are benefits to being a local solar company, there are drawbacks as well. For one thing, fewer customers can utilize the services of the organization.

EDGE Energy

One of only 33 SunPower Master Dealers nationwide is EDGE Energy, which founded SunPower in 2006. Including in 2020, EDGE Energy has won three times as the ENERGY STAR Contractor of the Year. Additionally, EDGE Energy holds a NABCEP Certification in PV Installation. The installer, a SunPower Master Dealer, has a track record of exceeding client expectations by selling and installing the greatest solar arrays available.


  • SunPower Master Dealer

SunPower by EDGE Energy only installs SunPower panels and inverters, which provide many advantages over the competition. SunPower solar panels have a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime power performance warranty. SunPower by EDGE Energy customers receive the 25-year Complete Confidence Warranty, which covers parts, labor, and maintenance for the system’s lifespan.

  • Lease and PPA Loan Financing Options

EDGE Energy offers lease and PPA loans for new solar PV systems in addition to zero-down 100% financing. Standard lease terms for EDGE Energy are the same as other leases. Contact the company to discuss these payment concerns and find the best solution.

  • Energy Storage

A backup battery is another addition that homeowners can make to their solar energy system to store extra energy for use in an emergency, at night, or for charging electric vehicles.


  • No BBB Accreditation
  • Limited Availability

SunPower from EDGE Energy is only available to people who live in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Residents in this service region are advised to check out the most recent verified SunPower by EDGE Energy reviews to see how the business rates up against other local solar installers.

Nova Solar

The solar company, founded in 2012, provides high-quality solar installation to reduce finances and stress on the environment. Nova Solar’s equipment is built to last and provide electricity reliably. The installer collaborated with Dividend Finance and Sunlight Financial to offer zero-down-payment loans to its customers.


  • Equipment Partners

Nova Solar offers clients the best of both worlds as a licensed installer for some equipment providers and a partner with other firms. Nova Solar is REC-certified for solar panels. Company installations use REC 360AA Alpha Black Series solar panels. The panels were tested to work in extreme environments. The installer offers Enphase and SolarEdge microinverters. Nova Solar installs top-tier inverters and the SolarEdge Power Optimizer, which boosts energy production for systems with different pitches, azimuths, and shadowing.


  • No Energy Storage Resources

Nova Solar connects all solar systems to the local grid, mostly because the corporation prefers to help clients implement state net metering programs. When connected to the power grid, several liberties are lost. First, bad weather or other factors can cause grid blackouts for solar customers. This is why many solar clients use solar batteries and storage. Installing a battery/storage system allows solar clients to use unused energy after peak sunlight hours are over. This boosts energy independence. To accommodate the existing solar system, most solar installation firms offer battery or storage solutions. Nova Solar does not sell batteries or storage.

Southern Exposure Solar

This solar company was founded in 2019 and now is a trusted local partner for energy solutions in Virginia. In addition to emergency roof repair, Southern Exposure Solar specializes in battery storage, emergency roof repair, and residential and commercial solar. It provides LG Chem equipment.


  • Solar Shingles

Solar shingles are a new technology that imitates asphalt shingles. Their long-term effectiveness protects your home or business and generates solar power. Solar shingles are more attractive than solar panels, so many prefer them. They’re cheaper than solar panels, especially if you need a new roof. It can be a perfect affordable alternative to solar panel systems.

  • NABCEP and BBB Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is the gold standard in renewable energy certification. Installers must be highly skilled and knowledgeable about solar equipment, technology, procedures, and strategies to become NABCEP certified. In spite of being quite a young company, SoExSo is already a NABCEP-certified company.

At the end of 2023, SoExSo also received BBB Accreditation.


  • Lack of Information

There is very little data available even on the official site of the installer. We haven’t found information about possible financing options and referral programs. But still, this young installer has gained a lot of positive feedback.

The Benefits of Going Solar in Virginia

Virginia is a top spot for solar energy and is well-known for its beautiful landscape. The state provides an ideal atmosphere for solar systems to grow rapidly because of its plentiful sunshine and pro-solar laws. Therefore benefits of going green in Virginia are obvious and numerous:

  • Money Savings

The most appealing benefit for most homeowners will be the reduction in their energy bills. Solar panels produce electricity for your home, which lets you purchase less from your utility company. The average Virginian pays around $153.08 per month for electricity, making it one of the most expensive states for energy in the country. If you can eliminate your electric bills — with a retail-rate net metering policy or a solar storage solution — you could save around $1,836 every year by converting to solar. The average Virginia resident pays off their system using the energy savings it provides in around 12 years, and the remaining 13+ years of system life provide additional savings totaling around $30,832.

You will also essentially lock in a lower electricity rate by going solar, which means your savings could be even more substantial if energy rates continue to go up.

  • Lower Taxes

Virginia is regarded as one of the most solar-friendly states, in part because of the federal and state governments’ solar subsidies.

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is one of the greatest accessible solar incentives. Thirty percent of your entire system expense is what the ITC is for. For the year your system is installed and linked to the electricity grid, this sum is credited toward your federal income tax burden.

  • Boost Your Home Value

Homebuyers value solar panels for their long-term energy savings and environmental benefits. Solar-equipped homes sell for more. Solar energy can increase your home’s resale value, making it an attractive alternative for homeowners who want to optimize their investment while enjoying clean, renewable energy. With the typical property worth of $372,801, for example, most Virginians will see a $15,284 rise in value.

How Do You Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Company in Virginia

At first glance, it seems a very difficult and long-lasting step to switch your home to solar. However, this journey, starting with the first get a solar quote step from intention to installation, is faster than most anticipate.

When considering installing solar panels, there’s a lot of information to consider. These are the most crucial things you should think about while choosing a solar company or getting ready for solar panel installation:

  • Examine customer testimonies and reviews for the solar installer;
  • Learn about the available warranties;
  • Check the licenses and accreditations of the solar installer;
  • Ask about available financing options;
  • Get several solar quotes to see the difference between companies’ offers;
  • Examine which brands and equipment are used by the installer;
  • It’s a great bonus when solar companies have industry associations. Connections with SEIA, Grid Alternatives, and other groups usually indicate that an installer is committed to making renewable energy more accessible and not just making a profit.

We also advise you to ask for NABCEP certification, which indicates that a company’s experts are capable of installing professionally and safely.

The most reputable solar companies in Virginia make an effort to assist clients through every stage of the procedure, from the first consultation to installation to maintenance.

Green leaves and Solar Panels in Virginia

Virginia Solar Incentives

Federal and state tax incentives may decrease the cost of solar panel installation in Virginia:

  • The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is the biggest cause that reduces the cost of prices for solar in Virginia.

By 2032, you can obtain a 30% federal income tax credit on a residential solar panel system’s equipment, labor, and permits.

  • Virginia’s Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC) Program

Homeowners can get and sell energy credits under Virginia’s SREC program for every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (or one megawatt-hour) that their photovoltaic systems generate.

  • Residential Property Tax Exemption for Solar in VA

By switching to solar power, you can avoid having your property taxes rise due to Virginia’s property tax exemption.

  • Net Metering

Some people save excess solar energy in batteries for later use. Some employ net metering. You can sell extra energy back to the electric company by using net metering. The business uses bill credits to reimburse you.

To be eligible in Virginia for net metering:

  • Systems up to 25 kW can be installed in homes.
  • Systems up to 3,000 kW can be installed in businesses.

Although credits roll over from year to year, they are limited to the amount you paid the company for electricity.

Top Reasons to Hire a Solar Panel Installation Company in Virginia

Working with professional solar installation companies is important for the following advantages:

  • General Safety

The process of installing solar panels involves climbing onto the roof with ladders. It is not the most enjoyable experience to have to climb up and down while hauling panels and racks. When you have to stand while working on a sloping rooftop, it becomes worse. It might result in real mishaps and injuries as a result. However, the likelihood of you being involved in an accident during installation is eliminated when you work with experts who have been doing this for many years. Companies that manufacture solar panels take the required precautions to keep mishaps from happening and to increase employee safety.

  • Electrical Safety

This is another primary reason for using specialists to install your solar panels. It is not necessary for you to handle the solar panel’s electrical components if you are not a licensed electrician. You should only tighten the rooftop solar panel; everything else should be left to the experts. When people attempted to do it themselves, some ended up damaging the electrical cables, while others short-circuited and put the house at risk of an electrical fire.

  • Special Equipment

You could be shocked at how much more is needed to install your solar panels, even if you may assume you have everything you need. Beyond just a wrench and hammer, professional solar panel installation takes specialized equipment. These items and more will be in the possession of the experts. It takes specialized tools to guarantee proper panel installation. Using improper tools or improvising is not what you want to do. Your best option is to hire a professional solar panel installer.

  • Solar Panel Warranty

When installing your solar panels, it is crucial to take the warranty coverage into account. You can be certain that your solar panels will have the required warranty coverage from the solar company if you collaborate with the most respected solar providers. Nevertheless, the majority of solar businesses won’t provide any kind of warranty coverage if you do it yourself. You will be informed that warranty coverage is offered by solar businesses only in the event that installation is completed by qualified specialists.

  • Property Value

Putting in a solar energy system can make your house worth more. Homes and businesses are thought to benefit greatly from the inclusion of solar energy systems. They may increase the appeal of your house to prospective purchasers.

Houses with solar panels typically sell more quickly and for a greater price than those without. Because of this, installing a solar energy system can be a wise financial decision that will both save you money and raise the value of your home.


Virginia is a very favorable state for going solar. The state gets enough sunshine every day to generate large amounts of electricity. VA offers a variety of rebates and incentives — federal, state, and local to reduce your electricity bills and make solar power and solar energy in Virginia more affordable.

When it comes to choosing a solar company — it is not a problem either. In this article, we researched the top solar companies in Virginia. These are ION Solar, Solar SME, Paradise Energy Solutions, Main Street Solar, Ipsun Solar, Solar Energy World, EDGE Energy, Nova Solar, and Southern Exposure Solar. Each of them is reputable and experienced, proposing different financing options, an average 20–25 years warranty, and modern qualified equipment. Depending on your demands and financial situation, we are sure that you will be able to choose the installer that suits you the best out of this list, and we are sure you will be satisfied with your choice! Hope our research was useful and worthwhile, go green and enjoy the sunshine in Virginia!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth going solar in Virginia?

Yes, it is! Virginia is not recognized for its sunny climate, but it receives 4.2 hours of sunlight every day, enough to generate large amounts of electricity with solar panels. Additionally, the state proposes a huge variety of rebates and incentives.

What is the average solar cost in Virginia?

In Virginia, the average solar panel system costs $3.01/W, including installation as of February 2024. A 5 kW installation costs $15,035 before incentives, although prices range from $12,780 to $17,290. The average price was reduced by 30% after the federal tax credit.

Does Virginia offer a solar tax credit?

Yes, Virginia offers Federal Solar Investment Credit (ITC), Residential Property Tax Exemption, Solar renewable energy credit program (SREC), Property tax exemption, and Net Metering.

Which is the finest solar company in Virginia?

According to this research, the highest rates have ION Solar and Solar SME installers.



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