Everything You Need to Know About Operations & Maintenance (O&M) For Utility Scale PV Solar Plants

Solar DAO
Solar DAO
Sep 2, 2017 · 11 min read

O&M Issues in PV Solar Energy

1. Natural Degradation

2. Grounding and Lightning Protection

3. Component Failures (panels, inverters, trackers)

3.1. Panel cracking.

3.2. Visual discoloration.

3.3. Hotspots.

3.4. Inverters failure.

3.5. Trackers and Panel Orientation.

3.5. Structural Integrity.

4. Weather Conditions (snow, wind, soiling).

5. Other issues

O&M Approaches and Activities

Contracts & Obligations

1. Key Contractual Provisos (KCP)

2. O&M Contract Contents

3. O&M Contractor Services and Obligations

Solar DAO

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Solar DAO

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