How to set up an Ethereum wallet for Solar DAO tokens

Solar DAO
1 min readJul 26, 2017

To see your SDAO tokens balance you need to add info about them. Here are 4 steps you need to do.

At a glance. Just add custom token in your Ethereum wallet

  • Below wallet balance click button “Add Custom Token”
  • Enter Token smart contract address: 0x646Cec6ee42d258336165cBbD5deB4AF14F0f476
  • Enter Token symbol: SDAO
  • Enter decimals: 4

Step by step manual

Below the Account Balance, you will see the Tokens box. You can click on “Show All Tokens” to view all the tokens. If you have participated in earlier ICO’s and you will see the balance of the token there. If it doesn’t exist there, you click add Custom Token.

After that your wallet is able to see SDAO tokens. Once added, you can see these tokens and the token value in the same page.

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