Solar DAO — Presale (Pre-ICO) Contract

What is Solar DAO crowdsale smart contract and how it really works. Solar DAO tokens.

Solar DAO:

How Solar DAO Pre-ICO works

Our smart contracts are designed to handle presale distribution of Solar DAO tokens (SDAO). We call this presale: Preliminary ICO (Pre-ICO).

Please, check twice that you are totally understand major features before investing or interacting with these contracts:

  • Initial tokens price is 1 US Dollar = 1 SDAO token
  • There are bonuses with value that depends on time of investing (check the Solar DAO website)
  • We have maximum amount of $4M ($4'000'000). When we reach it presale finishes immediately
  • Project Team is able to stop presale at any time
  • You can not transfer SDAO tokens during presale and before the ICO ends
  • No refund or moneyback is available during Pre-ICO
  • Dev team is able to withdraw Ether at any time during or after presale




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