Stickers & Registration • OKThess, Greece

So, let’s organise another Arduino Day hub this year — right?


Having had last year’s 6-hour workshop, open day and project contest under my belt I was certainly feeling determined to step up my game for 2017, polish my hits and learn from my misses.


Not looking forward to last-minute sprints I laid the plans 2 months early, doing as little as a minor thing per week — quite the relaxing past time activity. …

Crown of Zeus • Mount Olympus, Greece

Thesis: the final year project of undergraduate students, mandatory for graduation (my school’s guidelines) and a showcase of their skills and desired area of expertise.

So, what do I do?
What is my desired area of expertise?
Automation control, Robotics, Electronics, Programming, CAD/CAM design — I like everything I learned so far.
So…what do I do?
Is my career’s kickoff dependent on my thesis, how polished and up to date with today’s tech world it is?
Are 4 years of delving into engineering described by a single performance and project?

As my 4th year of studies approached (back in 2014)…

Jasmine wall • Milan, Italy

You have reached the beginnings of my blog, a place for me to place a penny of my thoughts on various life matters.

So here it goes, welcome to the blog of solarblue!

I wanted this to be my first post because I view talking about oneself, presenting, negotiating and standing your ground while not being self-centered or vain as a means to propel forward in life, to reach for your dreams because you always deserve everything you work on and aspire to do.

Keeping a balance between not doubting your worth and not having an inflated view of self…

Anastasia Solari

Engineer, mingler and tinkerer at heart. Reading, writing, breaking and making.

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