Tips for the Maintenance of the Luminous Solar Battery

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2 min readOct 24, 2018
Tips for the Maintenance of the Luminous Solar Battery

Luminous solar batteries are the new innovative solution to provide power to the buildings and are meant to offer absolute benefit to its users all around the world. Many innovations and inventions were done to bring out a quality product known as a luminous solar battery. These batteries have deep cycle design, they are abuse resistant and have electrolyte level indicator and require very less maintenance. The batteries are highly useful in the areas that suffer from long power cuts. They get recharged very fast and are always ready to use. It is important to read luminous solar battery catalog before installation.

Tips for the maintenance of the luminous solar battery

After lots of research and findings, the concept of developing luminous solar battery has arrived in the mind of inventors. The battery is designed by keeping in mind various issues such as environmental safety, safety in its usage, leading to the race of going green and long lasting usage. Its makers also keep in mind its technical specifications that play a huge role in its development.

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Following are some of the battery maintenance tips that are required to be followed:

Tips to Maintenance of the Luminous Solar Battery

Battery placement:

It is very important to find an open and safe area to place the luminous solar battery. As the battery gets very much heated during its charging, it needs an open space to discharge its heat and to keep its temperature in the specified range.

Battery usage:

Once installed, it is important to keep the battery operated and in regular use. Even if there are no power cuts or fewer power cuts, it is crucial to discharge it completely and get it charged again once in a month.

Water level check:

It is clearly mentioned in the luminous solar battery catalog to check the water level once a month and should be filled within the specified limits.

Protection from rusting:

It is crucial to keep the battery clean and prevents it from rust.

Battery replacement:

When the battery gets old or damaged, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Luminous solar batteries are quite effective and should be kept safe and running.

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