Other things to do instead of obssessing about everything

If you don’t happen to live in a warzone (either recognized by the media as, say, Ukraine, or not, as a bad neighborhood, bad city or terrible country):

Get out and watch the sunset while drinking your poison of choice. I happen to live in a safe place at the moment, so I told my wife we should watch the sun and talk about depressive things. My poison is Cocido, a kind of mate tea with milk and sugar.

If you live in a warzone:

Get cover. Try your best to get to a safer place. If there’s no ongoing bombing of civilians, stay calm, take three deep breaths and don’t watch TV. Close your eyes, get earplugs or listen to ambient music. Think of the sunsets you’ve seen before. A great new dawn awaits. Know that lots of people think about, care and hope the best for you.

That’s what people out of warzones should think about while the night creeps in while drinking the products of other, less fortunate, peoples.

You are safe. You were able to read this and nothing happened.

99% of the things you worry about never happen. That’s what an old homeless guy told me. He’s probably right.

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