Why do people live in volcanic areas?

Writer’s block or procrastination, I’m not sure. So here are two fun facts.

  1. Why are people so stupid that they go and live right next to a giant mountain of fire, ashes and death?: Soils next to volcanoes are usually very rich in nitrate and other nutrients from the ashes of the volcanic activity, making them suitable for farming and calorie-rich plants.
  2. Why are there some terrible cultures that practice infanticide?: Horrible practices like throwing an ugly baby out of a risk like in that Fascist movie 300, is actually a very widespread activity through human history, not directly because there was some drug-induced psychopathic revelation from (or misinterpretation of) an ancient spiritual leader, but groups of people often had to choose for a Zero Growth Population policy due to scarcity of resources. Other, less horrible, contraceptive methods might have existed long before that even happened. Nomadic people often had longer intervals between each offspring than farmers. Farmers needed hands to work, nomads were kinda cool with what they had. This is not to say that there weren’t other cultures led by psychopathic believes that led to infanticide like in your barely-dressed mighty just three-hundred Spartans against Al-Qaeda (There were a LOT of allies in that battle, and Spartans were not Athenians. The word “freedom” anywhere in that movie is a contradiction).
  3. I lied, there are three facts. There are instances of farming people returning to hunting and gathering by their own will. A friend once told me we never stopped being nomads, and his great quote is this: “Once we settled in fixed places, we became nomads in our minds”.
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