Token Model for Energy — Part 3: Token Design Thinking

Great read, thanks Sebnem. Actually, we have been deep in design thinking for over 1.3 years. I cannot count how many scrunched up papers are on my floor.

Early this year we realised that we need to take a step back, look again at how the leftover core innovative value of the product and corresponding network are determined, then, how to work outwards from there. I did realise that linking strong (and growing) existing networks together is a great way also to look at the energy token sector. I can see it is going to be a huge sector and it will need a lot of base infrastructure for different use cases, geographies, political domains, and generation profiles that are heavily dependant on humans interaction with the energy demand profiles.

The sector is so young, and there is a lot of great creative destruction out there. I feel that the complexities of distributed networks and design models lends me to the conclusion that there are certainly a lot of variables to consider, because eventually → energy is money and a social protocol. How we generate that energy is a base for the whole of the future society that develops innumerable layers (and basically derivatives) on top of it.

Working in SolarCoin and ElectriCChain myself (I must admit, I have a cognitive dissonance inherent bias for those two projects) and I also must throw this bias out the window and/or ask for third party reviews in the token design models when needed.

Anyway, keep designing, testing and trialing.