To the benefit of Solarex and her community, we have decided to postpone the listing of Solarex token on Sistemkoin. This postponement will enable us to update our token with a new number, from 2.4 billion Solarex token to 20.4 million Solarex token in order to give suitable value to the price Solarex token.
Also, we implore the community to bear with us as this postponement will affect token distribution as distribution will be according to the ratio of the new token update.
The Positive side of this changes is to give better value to the Solarex Token.

We shall announce new date soon.

One of the most popular types of renewable energy is solar power. Solar energy comes from the sun, which supplies our entire planet with the energy we need to survive. Solar energy doesn’t just supply the entire planet with the energy we need to survive, it also aids in the provision of power supply when it is being harnessed and converted. With this aid of provision of power supply, we can tackle electricity problems in Africa.
Solarex, a high-performance blockchain technology has come up with the provision of affordable solar energy ecosystem for all, let us all tackle energy crises together with Solarex.

Visit our website to familiarize yourself with our project and also to participate in the ongoing ICO!!

Reliable power supply is a prerequisite for the development of any nation, without adequate power supply in any nation, the growth as well as the development of that nation in terms of economy may be jeopardised. Let us all embrace Solarex, a high-performance blockchain technology as it is designed to address the inadequacy of power supply in Africa through the provision of affordable solar energy ecosystem.

Visit our website for enquiries and to participate in the ongoing ICO phase 2 and enjoy a discount of 10%! Procrastination leads to lose of opportunities!!

Also, our IEO is ongoing, visit to participate.

Can you imagine giving birth to a baby using a candle light or a kerosene lantern?

When health facilities don’t have power, they can’t pump water for patients or use life-saving equipment. Women can go into labour at any time. So at night, light is needed for delivery. Delivering a…

Solarex — Powering Africa Project, Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) starts on 3/05/2019

Solarex — A Blockchain powered energy ecosystem that is aimed at powering Africa with disruptive, long-lasting and affordable solar energy ecosystem has signed exchange agreement with sistemkoin.

Solarex will be listed in the exchange agreement signed with sistemkoin.

Visit to participate in the IEO and do so well to visit Solarex Official website, to familiarize yourself with our project!!

Today are excited to announce Solarex strategic partnership with Serenity source, a multi-faceted blockchain based ecosystem, focusing on the promotion of sustainable living, renewable energy production, transactive energy grid retail services.

Serenity describes itself as a “renewable energy retailer on blockchain.” The company focuses on the promotion of sustainable living…

We are proud to announce that we have reached an agreement to be listed on Bancor exchange.

Bancor is a leading exchange in crypto currency. its stands as the first decentralized liquidity network.

Bancor aims to redesign the way people create and share value by ensuring continous on-chain liquidity between blockchain-based assets.

This agreement between both parties is a good one and beneficial to all parties involved.

Trading on Bacor Network will take start immediately after the ICO.

We at Solarex aims to bring our token to as much as possible leading exchanges for the benefit of all our investors.

Check out Bancor Network on

Solarex ICO

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