Hold 100 NUMA and receive free rewards

As part of our mission to maximize the benefits of holding NUMA cryptocurrency we will be sending rewards to holders on a regular but random basis. The first rewards will be issued to holders of 100 or more NUMA as of May 15, 2018 at 10:00 PM Eastern Time

The rewards for holding NUMA for the first reward count are the following,

100 DCLT : DCLT are the official tokens representing the Digital Currency Laboratories decentralised organization. Benefits of owning DCLT are Voting rights and profit sharing from developing and maintaining the suite of appreciating monetary units WAU Coin, NUMA, AAMU, and GBEAM. Profits are derived from a portion of the spread between bid and ask on units distributed by DCL. DCLT tokens also include voting rights for the Digital Currency Laboratories decentralised organization. DCLT are not sold directly by Digital Currency Laboratories, but can be earned by holding NUMA.

100 GBEAM : GBEAM is traded in the waves/ GBEAM market on the waves decentralised exchange. GBEAM was created to be a larger scale appreciating monetary unit trading in the waves pair and is the original NUMA, before rebranding. Now holders of NUMA can receive GBEAM for free.

2 WAU Coin: WAU Coin is the worlds first appreciating Monetary Unit and has outperformed all major asset classes on earth since its release in January 2018. It outperforms Bitcoin and the whole coinmarketcap. There are only 1,000,000 WAU Coin ever fixed supply making WAU Coin 20x more rare than Bitcoin

.01 AAMU : AAMU is a dynamic volume appreciating monetary unit built to trade in the AAMU / USD pair. AAMU has a permanent floor of 10$ in the usd pair, it can go up but it can never trade below 10$

To receive the rewards for holding NUMA be sure you hold your 100 NUMA or more in your waves decentralised exchange wallet by 10:00 PM Eastern Time. Rewards will be paid out within 24 hours.

You can learn more about Digital Currency Laboratories and Appreciating Monetary Units at