Solar — This farmer’s pride.

During a time when farmers are abandoning agriculture due to the tough natural and financial situations, Mr. M K Kailash Murthy, a farmer from Mysore is not only a dedicated cultivator but is also committed to developing farming techniques using natural methods. His farming style has inspired scientists who have even visited his farms near Kollegal, Mysore to witness his crop, fruit and vegetables grown using lesser water than conventional methods.

During an interview Mr Murthy said that he was using eco-friendly means throughout the life cycle of the crop, but only during processing did it leave a carbon footprint due to consumption of electricity.

Mr. Murthy’s solar powered processing plant

Being committed to giving more than taking, he was convinced that he should power this millet processing unit by using renewable energy. In order to sponsor it, he even sold his land in Mysore to set up a 30KWp solar power plant on the roof of his processing unit.

Now, apart from being thoroughly satisfied of using a green source of energy, it has enabled Mr. Murthy to sell power back to the grid when the processing unit is not running. His savings from this will return his investment in 3 years after which he will be able to invest more into his farming practices to make sustainable framing more prolific.