My Ups and Downs with Solar Impulse

Jul 27, 2016 · 13 min read

A vision is born

The public launch of Solar Impulse

Securing our first partner: Solvay

Unveiling Si1

The first night flight

My first flight with Solar Impulse

Flying from Madrid to Rabat

Flying over the Golden Gate Bridge

Landing in Nanjing

Deciding with André not to come back to Japan and continue the flight to Hawaii

No flight before 2016

Attending COP21

Michèle, the pilot of the pilot

Live transmission with Ban Ki-moon from the middle of the Pacific

Crossing the Pacific from Hawaii to San Francisco

Crossing the Atlantic from New York to Seville

Completing the First round-the-world solar flight


Written by

Two pioneers flying around the world with a solar airplane to promote clean technologies #futureisclean ! @bertrandpiccard @andreborschberg

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