Top 10 photos from the first round-the-world solar flight

Jul 25, 2016 · 4 min read

1. The beginning of the Round-the-World solar flight

2. The ultimate takeoff over the Pacific Ocean

3. Landing in Hawaii after 5 days and 5 nights across the Pacific Ocean

4. Resuming the Mission in 2016

5. The Golden Flyover

6. Flying over the Statue of Liberty

7. Bertrand Piccard’s selfie after 2 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean

8. Landing in Europe

9. Flyover of the first solar power plant to produce energy day and night

10. The ancient world meets the new world with clean technology


Written by

Two pioneers flying around the world with a solar airplane to promote clean technologies #futureisclean ! @bertrandpiccard @andreborschberg

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