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May 22 · 2 min read

Dear Solarians,

As most of you have already aware, we are proposing to move Solaris to a a Stratis based codebase based on C#, allowing us to build up far more advanced features onto the new Solaris blockchain and modernizing the wallets to enable features such as in-wallet trading on txbit, a privacy based protocol using TumbleBit (a coin mixer) and other features. The new codebase also allows for far more advanced capabilities in terms of Smart Contracting, Sidechains and generally much faster development than on the previous codebase.

To read the proposal please go here:

We have already started some preliminary work in a private repository with the new codebase, and we are pleased to report that everything is going much better and faster than expected. Kees De Wit, our lead developer, had some amazing words to say about the Stratis codebase which was quickly picked up by their community as seen here:

XLR Masternode Owner Vote

Generally we saw outstanding support for this proposal during our community discussions, but this being a decentralized project at the core means a real vote using the current codebase is the best way to confirm it with the holders of XLR, specifically the Masternode owners.

We have set-up a Governance proposal through the Solaris wallet, and we can all Masternode holders to take a few minutes to make their decision and vote on this proposal.

The process to vote is simple:

1. Open your Solaris-Qt wallet from which the Masternodes are running.

2. Open the console by going to Tools > Debug Console

3. Copy and Paste the command below based on your YES or NO vote, and press Enter (This will cast a votes for multiple Masternodes if you run them):

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 yes

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 no

To check the current vote results you can type this command into the Debug Console:

mnbudget getinfo solaris3.0

Votes for non-masternode owners?

If you do not run an XLR masternode, we will be running some community polls on Telegram and Discord to also get the feel for the decision and aggregate the votes together.

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