Solaris June Giveaway — Week 1 — June 11th-17th

Dear Solaris Community,

We are glad to start off our June give-away contest start with week 1, an XLR Infographic!

An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. We want to work with the Solaris community to develop infographics that combine the power of visual communication.

Please check out the website and Whitepaper for information about Solaris. You may also use Press Pack materials which contain high quality logo’s, infographics and videos for inspiration and use in your

1] Post your submission on twitter with with these tags -> $XLR + #SolarisGiveaway

- no use any audio or interactive elements

Example tweet: “Here is my #SolarisGiveawaye entry! $XLR”

2] Your tweet must be made by June 17th, 12:00PM Pacific. You may submit more than one graphic.

3] The Solaris team will collect all submissions and select up to 3 finalists. Submissions will be picked based creativity, quality and effort. Retweets, likes and shares on the submissions and other social media platforms that the infographic has been shared will also be taken into account.

4] The finalists will be contacted through Twitter and a Twitter vote with all the submissions will be started to determine the winner. The vote will last exactly 24 hours.

5] No copyrighted materials to be used.

6] Keep your focus on the Solaris project and its potential. Do not mention non-static attributes in the infographic, such as the current/future price of XLR, its market caps or exchange availability.

A little about Solaris

Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology. Environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus protocol and a supporting secondary Masternode network, Solaris establishes itself as a secure, self-sustaining, decentralized and private cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Solaris is traded on KuCoin, Coinexchange, OOOBTC and Cryptohub exchanges.

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