Solaris Platform is Here! - Swap Details Inside

Solaris XLR
Oct 31 · 2 min read

Dear Solarians,

We are happy to announce that the new codebase for Solaris Platform has been released and the swap is now active!

Swap Details and Instructions

The 1:1 swap can be performed through Txbit Swap Service

The swap will continue until 30th of April 2020.

Instructions on How To Swap can be found on our website:

Website Update Live

We have updated our website with the latest information on Solaris Platform project, as well as helpful information regarding the swap, newly introduced cold-staking features and better explanation of all our projects in the ecosystem.

The website can now be accessed through, and the old URL( will re-direct to the new website.

New Solaris Wallets

The Solaris Core wallet can be downloaded from:

New Solaris Explorer

You can now use the brand new, and made by us, block explorer for the new Solaris network.


It is now possible to Cold-Stake Solaris coins using the graphical Solaris Core wallet. Staking Solaris coins strengthens the network and you get rewarded for finding blocks. Cold staking is a safer way to stake your XLR coins.

Cold Staking allows you to safely store the coins in your wallet while a separate always online Hot Wallet stakes the coins, meaning you don’t have to keep your wallet open to stake Solaris. The Hot Wallet has no access to your coins and you can withdraw coins your Cold Balance to any address at any time.

You can already use the service of right here: . Using the Cold-Staking service is free of charge, but they do welcome donations to help them keep the service running for free. You can find their donation information here:

In the coming week we will be releasing an easy to use script to install a hot wallet node on your own VPS.

Bitcointalk Ann Thread

We will be updating the original post in the thread that matches our website.

Txbit Swap

Txbit have already performed the swap! If your coins were on Txbit, then you are already using Solaris Platform.

Txbit Solaris Reward Program address linking

While this is already implemented in the Solaris Core wallet, the functionality is not yet live on Txbit. It will go live in a few weeks maximum.

Join The Solaris Community:

Website —

Twitter —

Telegram —

Discord —

Reddit —

Facebook —

Offical ANN —

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