Solaris & weekly update — Monday 10th of September

Greetings Solaris Community,

Monday is here! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and are well rested for the new challenges in the coming week. We sure are!

(Last week’s update: )

Completed this week:

  • Implemented strategy for storing and processing (real time) tick data
  • Standard/Default charts configured with real time data updates
  • Implemented hardened logic on the Buy and Sell components of the trade screen, improving the user experience and reducing input errors.
  • — Set limits on the amount of decimals allowed in the fields
  • — Improved error handling
  • — Implemented the ability to cancel a pending withdrawal requests.
  • Initial drafts and mock-ups of the Home Page / Markets page have been completed and reviewed.
  • Added a comma separator to the USD values to improve readability.
  • While performing Penetration testing on the Landing Page / Vote page a number of areas of improvements have been discovered. The details have been forwarded back to the development team to fix before going live.

Next Week:

  • Implement server caching for UI and UX elements, improving the load speed of various modules and lowering the server load.
  • Implement percentage ratio buttons for the amount field and make it work with the amount slider. (Best of both worlds, baby)
  • Improve the Home Page / Markets page mock-ups based on feedback and prepare for implementation.
  • Continue improving UI and fixing various bugs and issues.
  • Receive the Landing Page / Community Vote with set out improvements, if all goes well, we will go-live. (Landing Page and Community Vote are for promotional/marketing purposes)


Last Week:

  • Initial iOS application submission has been declined due to need for more information. The application code itself is fine and approved.

Next Week:

  • Re-apply to Apple app store and attempt to publish the iOS wallet again.

A little about Solaris

Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology. Environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus protocol and a supporting secondary Masternode network, Solaris establishes itself as a secure, self-sustaining, decentralized and private cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Solaris is traded on KuCoin, Cryptobridge, Coinexchange, OOOBTC and Cryptohub exchanges.

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