Greetings Solaris Community,

We are glad to bring you another weekly update, detailing our progress on as we are preparing our plans for the closed beta. The announcement will be made soon, with the plans and schedule of the beta detailed in the announcement.

(Last update: )

Last Week:

  • Finished implementing Home Screen / Dashboard (see screenshot below)

— Implemented News (announcements) section with Caching to improve performance

— Implemented Caching across Gainers and Losers sections to improve performance

— Implemented Search for Markets list

— Markets list rows are now sortable. Sorted by Volume by default.

  • Top Navigation Bar items updated
  • Fixed an issue with the Current price not updating on some aspects of the UI
  • Created first implementation of the Order Book Depth Chart
  • Improved readability of Notifications in Day Mode

Next Week:

  • Remove Subtotal field to reduce module complexity and improve user experience
  • Update Order Book Depth Chart to match current design language
  • Create wallet status check service
  • Update the content in Settings pages based on new designs
  • Implement some widely used test coins for closed beta
  • Continue improving UI and fixing various bugs and issues

A little about Solaris

Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology. Environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus protocol and a supporting secondary Masternode network, Solaris establishes itself as a secure, self-sustaining, decentralized and private cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Solaris is traded on KuCoin, Cryptobridge, Coinexchange and OOOBTC exchanges.


Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands. A cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. We are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.

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Security. Privacy. Liberty. Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology

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