Solaris & weekly update — Monday, 8th of October

Greetings Solaris Community,

Another busy week as all hands are on deck to prepare for the closed beta of, where we will be giving everyone a glimpse into the exchange and gather feedback that we will be incorporating for the release later this year. We want to underline the importance of community and feedback for the team at txbit. Our aim is to deliver the best experience for our users and we will do everything to listen to you and improve.

(Last update: )

Last Week:

  • Implementing Home Page

— Markets List with all the necessary information and historical price trend graphs

— News Feed

— Featured Coins feed

— Gainers and Losers lists with price trend graphs

— Information about the exchange

  • Language selector and mechanism implemented, supported languages at launch will be announced soon
  • Implemented footer throughout the exchange
  • Pixel perfect improvements on various components based on feedback
  • Making improvements to some aspects of the Day and Night interface
  • Support Center implemented
  • Populating Support Center FAQ articles
  • Community Coin Vote round 1 finished — Congratulations to Minexcoin!
  • Community Coin Vote updated

— Added extra measures to prevent and deter vote manipulation

— Implemented cache mechanism to speed up the page loading

— Added captcha for placing comments

Next Week:

  • Continue implementing Home Page
  • Create wallet status check service
  • Update the content in Settings pages based on new designs
  • Implement some widely used test coins for closed beta
  • Continue improving UI and fixing various bugs and issues

A little about Solaris

Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology. Environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus protocol and a supporting secondary Masternode network, Solaris establishes itself as a secure, self-sustaining, decentralized and private cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Solaris is traded on KuCoin, Cryptobridge, Coinexchange and OOOBTC exchanges.

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