Solaris & weekly update — Sunday 2nd of September

Greetings Solaris Community,

Happy Sunday! As always we are delighted to bring you our weekly progress. Once again we are fully immersed in txbit related tasks.

(Last week’s update:

Last Week:

  • Created FIAT — BTC synchronization process
  • Added USD value in user interface as tooltip

Update wallets page:

  • Segregated client script
  • Bind lists to client viewmodel and connect to live feed

Update withdrawal page:

  • Added available balance
  • Added withdrawal history list view
  • Bind lists to client viewmodel and connect to live feed
  • Calculate fee through viewmodel binding
  • Added information note

Update deposit page:

  • Added copy address button + notification of successful address copy
  • Shrink address QR code
  • Added deposit history list view
  • Show minimum confirmations in text
  • Added information note

Deposit/withdrawal list views:

  • Add Show in explorer button
  • Make rows collapse or expandable
  • Show TxId and address
  • Show minimum amount of confirmations
  • Connect to live feed

Trade statistics:

  • Designed strategy for storing and processing (real time) tick data

Order execution:

  • Improved transactional behaviour
  • Improved performance for large quantity orders
  • Improve atomic balance update operations

Live feeds:

  • Limit the number of messages for large quantity orders

Landing Page & Community Coin Vote

  • UAT/QA passed

Next Week:

  • Implement strategy for storing and processing (real time) tick data
  • Continue improving UI and fixing various bugs and issues
  • Perform final security checks on Landing Page / Coin Vote and if all goes well — Go-Live (This is not the exchange, strictly promotional landing page for and community coin vote)


Last Week:

  • Still reviewing whitepaper v0.2 and performing small revisions.

Next Week:

  • Publish the Android wallet update to Play Store. — Delayed last week
  • iOS wallet — we are going through the steps necessary to be published on App Store — Hope to have an update on this next week.

A little about Solaris

Solaris is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency focused on privacy, innovation and the advancement of technology. Environmentally friendly Proof of Stake consensus protocol and a supporting secondary Masternode network, Solaris establishes itself as a secure, self-sustaining, decentralized and private cryptocurrency for everyday use.

Solaris is traded on KuCoin, Cryptobridge, Coinexchange, OOOBTC and Cryptohub exchanges.

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