Open Sourcing Food Entrepreneurship
Mike Lee

Richard Nelson Various projects have Crowdfunded hundreds of millions and tens of millions dollars for projects like VR or micro brewery — so why not for the long term solution to hunger — which is Agripod — PODnet — an #OpenSource solution that equips everyone, everywhere to thrive while more than coping but prospering and thriving even as “end of oil” and dangerous climate change and #WaterCrisis are disrupting the world’s food system. I ask our global circle of friends: Please help us to dream big and go viral with our replicable solution. We are building a SolaRoof Village in Ontario with $12M of funding (sourced from USA and Norway) This regenerative, vertical farm village will be a pattern to replicate all over the world. The capital cost to feed one person regeneratively, “for ever”, is only $2000 to $300 per person of capital spend. People think that Agripod — PODnet is costly because there is a generational investment in the vertical farm building but we have a Closed Ecological Environment as a result that contains all CO2 within the closed atmosphere, enriched for higher CO2 for increased photosynthesis that generates much higher yields of food harvest. We also harvest abundant pure water-from-air within the AgriPOD — living space for 8 people food for 300 people but water for 1000 and a large operating surplus of clean energy in the form of Biogas and Oil-from-Algae — these are practical ways to answer the SDGs with truly sustainable long term development that take us completely off of the failing track of commodity cash crops, consumerism and corporate domination that contrives scarcity with its annual, mono-crop grain production on 5 B hectares of the earth’s land area — together with desertification is enough to tip the world into ecosystem collapse — see my White Paper “closing the hunger gap”

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