Living on a Mental Health Ward Part 1: Class Detentions

When I was little and something happened at school (such as a glue stick going missing) the teacher would say “No one’s leaving this class until the glue stick is returned.” This, obviously, is unjust as everyone in the class is being punished for one person’s actions. That’s like sending an entire town to prison for some gang violence then letting them on parole once the gang say sorry.

The other day I came back onto the ward after going home to play video games and meet with friends and was pulled aside to have my bag searched. This — technically — is normal practice but is rarely ever executed. I then walked into the lounge area to see everyone in it, an unusual occurrence as depressed teenagers prefer to spend time alone than with three members of staff. The situation was explained. “We were doing arts and crafts and one of the pairs of scissors were not returned. We believe that someone has taken them and, due to this, everyone must stay in the communal area until the scissors are found or returned.”These where those plastic scissors that could barely cut paper. Bags (as searches barely ever occurred) could be brought in with razors in. But that’s nothing in comparison to PLASTIC SCISSORS! Ensued room searches of everyone who was on the unit at the time of the incident. Nothing was found.

The next morning went ahead as usual. In the afternoon, once lessons were over, everyone in the facility had their rooms searched top to bottom. Many of the patients who have OCD were traumatized by this. But I guess that life’s just not fair when you’re imprisoned for no crime. And in case you’re wondering: Yes. The scissors are still at large.