Living on a Mental Health Ward Part 4: Weed Brownies

Changing your point of view is hard. Your brain has to admit it’s made a mistake and forget all prior information. It’s much easier to just reject any proof against your point of view than accept any for.

I came back off leave and went to the kitchen. One patient made some cake. Then, her brain decided to make a joke that I would not perceive as a humorous comment: rather a fact. “I put weed in the cake”. I immediately stopped. I hadn’t eaten any. After 10 mins I tried some and it tasted normal. But my brain “knew” it was tainted so told me it tasted strange. After this I stopped eating it and instead developed heartburn. Cannabis, if anything, actually helps cure heartburn. But I didn’t know this. I was presented with barrels of evidence against it being true yet my body still comes up with a placebo symptom.

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