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Innovating Solana

Unlike a traditional raffle collection, offering their community inadequate value. We have adopted a superior strategy to value-based pricing. Value-based pricing is what we call providing our community and potential investors with high ROI while limiting risk. SOLBOX provides fairness continuously without human interference through a fair and computerized raffle system. As an investor, your experience will be seamless. With our security, trust, and transparency, your preference amongst other collections will render loyalty.
SOLBOX will launch on the Solana Ecosystem. Reimagining the raffle reward system.
Our mission is directed toward providing innovation, increased growth, and sustainability amongst our systems. Prior to the commencement of this innovation, we will offer Golden Passes. Upon release of Golden Passes, they hold an intrinsic value as they provide a lifetime airdrop of 1 SOLBOX per raffle. Minting these Golden Passes at 50% off from the pricing of a SOLBOX upon season mints. SOLBOX will also work its way into various Metaverses and across various chains! SOLBOX will have presence, hosting, and influences within various metaverse spaces. Our innovation of Value-Based rewards won’t be filled with inadequate prizes, but rather completely sustainable, credible, and above all backed by a growing blockchain system. We will utilize data in various marketplaces to select Blue-Chip and stable projects to ensure our investors and holders receive quality prizes.

Golden Passes:

Holding Benefits
GPC (Golden Pass Club) holders will acquire LIFETIME access and continuous airdrops for the entirety of SOLBOX raffles. SOLBOX 2.0, there will be an airdrop per golden pass for raffle entries. Each collection will be designed as an NFT, that includes separate raffle entry minting. The variety of the collections, provided to GPC holders, will differ regarding SOLBOX rarity. GPC holders will not have to compete with other participants for entries, because of worry-free airdropped releases directly to their wallet.
GPC holders will have exclusive access to art events, metaverse partnerships, merch, etc. GPC may also create passive income by selling their airdrop on the secondary marketplace.

GPC holders will be able to continue to receive their entries with randomized rarity. GPC holders with 10 or more GOLDEN PASSES will also be eligible for passive income incentives. Royalty will be saved on The Community Wallet for sustainability for price collection and holder exclusive raffles. The income will be used for NFT giveaways, and/or investments regarding the community requests. The usage of the savings on the Community Wallet will be depending on the results of the votes among our DAO.

Raffle Guide

The SOLBOX and Golden Pass buy-in will begin providing capital of initial investment for triple the returns in the form of airdrops of 1 SOLBOX per Golden Pass. SOLBOX will provide value-based rewards such as blue chip NFTs and SOL prizes.

After that, we will move into implementing such systems in metaverses. For a fraction of the cost investors from mint will have a high percentage of winning a steep amount of SOL and above all a high ROI. The higher the rarity the more entries a SOLBOX will provide for its holder prior to submission into our burning system. With this execution, your transaction of entries is now transformed into a randomization, anti-interference, anti-bot proofing, and Smart contract integrated system. Purchasing our Golden Passes will also create a lifetime passive entry into unlimited chances for raffle entries and increased chances for valued based rewards or resale on secondary marketplace after receiving airdrops.

Lastly, our innovative raffle utility will construct opportunities for Metaverse hosting on the Solana blockchain. From mint deals, 10% is being used in the advancement for our initial capital! With the presence and backing within the space as our primary objective, SOLBOX and Golden Pass holders will claim perks from the offering provided by various Solana Ecosystem Collections, as well as having guaranteed admittance to all future raffles, priority minting that will occur subsequently! Our value-based approach is completely innovative and sets the standards for future raffling indefinitely. We anticipate making SOLBOX a staple everywhere around Solana and various metaverses.

Reward Claims:
It will occur through a hassle-free smart contract integrated raffle system. Guaranteed no delay, insider bias, or interference. Your portion of rewards will be sent right into the authority wallet from which the selected SOLBOX prize winner NFT was deducted. On the off chance that you win multiple tiers of rewards, they will be sent simultaneously to authority wallets. As traction occurs, and Solana Ecosystem engagement rises, the more frequent drawings will occur.

Completed Task:
Launched our website and social media accounts.
Started the first giveaway drawing.
Deployed smart contracts to the Solana Network.
Prepared Listing on secondary marketplace.

Future Plans:
Start Offering WL spots to DAOs and Alpha’s.
Release videos and materials about SOLBOX.
Purchase of 1111 prizes and rewards.
Distribute SOLBOX airdrop to Gold Pass Holders
Integrate IRL merch and merch-based nft

We are providing utility to the Solana blockchain in an innovative way. The SOLBOX team is extremely dynamic on all socials and our discord hosted server, and we love to converse with our community and investors!
Golden Pass holders will provide the traction for a solid foundation. Developing a foundation will ensure success, growth and sustainability.

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