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  • Solcial is being built to provide users with an experience as close as possible to Web2 social media platforms, while taking advantage of Web3 technologies.
  • One obstacle that any blockchain-based platform faces, is user fees. In order to eliminate user fees for non-token related operations while maintaining privacy and consensus, Solcial is building a peer-to-peer (P2P) layer anchored in Solana and built on top of libp2p that delivers content (feeds, likes, etc) through self-hosting and peer replication.
  • We have also developed a special type of node that has the same external protocol as a typical desktop or mobile app, with added optimizations designed to handle tens of thousands of concurrent peers, called Beacon Nodes. Beacons are essentially a set of pinning services that will preserve users’ content when creators go offline and make it available for other users; all user content is stored on IPFS and accessed through a P2P layer without relying on censorable servers or gateways.


Network Topology

Peer Identity

Overlay membership

Efficient Gossiping

Content Dissemination

“author”: “12D3KooWSoeYKbpkb5UoL2T5eiomWRHdxR9cPC4tk11gKU89fFwT”,
“prev”: “QmYtUc4iTCbbfVSDNKvtQqrfyezPPnFvE33wFmutw9PBBk”,
“action”: “append-feed-post”,
“timestamp”: “2022–01–11T15:58Z”,
“params”: {
“content”: “QmV8cfu6n4NT5xRr2AHdKxFMTZEJrA44qgrBCr739BN9Wb”
“enckey”: “z2DhMLJmV8kNQm6zeWUrXQKtmzoh6YkKHSRxVSibscDQ7nq”
“signature”: “2Lpnvt23H6qHswCNPmwCCUSas7YNP[…]jV1dC9qdNPR4zDqsCuBX”

Read Access

Write Access

Privileged Content Access

Platform support

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