After watching the movie last night, (which, by the way, I strongly recommend; not only for its incredible imagery, it is, after all, a Christopher Nolan’s movie, but because it’s not another WWII movie, and desolation and abandonment are accompanied by a moarnful, groaning sound… breathtaking from scene one) I got home to do little research on this topic. I found out that the Dunkirk battle it is one the war’s mysteries: why did Hitler allow the British troops to go back home? Why did he order to cease fire at an army that was retreating?

During my readings, I came across an article from Bethanny Bell, a granddaughter of one of these brave men who crossed the English Channel to France in order to evacuate the troops on their own. Her article appeared in the BBC Magazine section on August 12: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-40852280 .

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