Aleo — Tool for Private Dapps

Our personal life has become a public domain, and as web services are becoming increasingly personal to live everywhere, we need to rethink how we control our data.
Aleo is the first developer platform to create fully private, scalable and economic applications. Using cryptography with zero disclosure, Aleo moves the execution of smart contracts outside the network in order to provide a wide range of decentralized applications that are fully private and can scale up to thousands of transactions per second. Built on an outdoor public blockchain; Aleo owns all the flexibility of Ethereum, but with a more scalable architecture, in which the Mainers do not need to re-run each transaction, but simply check their correctness.
As the command is working on the upcoming launch of MainNet, Aleo will use this last financing for the development of products and services that will help developers to create an ecosystem on top of the decentralized network.

Since web applications require greater scalability, confidentiality and audit capabilities, we double in Aleo to the ecosystem of decentralized applications based on cryptography with zero disclosure.
Aleo attracted 200 million US dollars within the framework of the largest round of financing for the company with zero disclosure.
Our last round was headed by Kora Management LP and Softbank Vision Fund 2 with the participation of Tiger Global, Sea Capital, Samsung Next, Slow Wentures and Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z).
The Aleo team attracted 200 million dollars within the Round of Financing of the B series, which evaluates our company of $ 1.45 billion. I am very pleased to divide this moment with our team, our supporters and our ecosystem of miners, testes and developers.
Aleo is developing rapidly and decentralized.
Aleo will expand its suggestions of products and services not only for today’s blockchain developers, but also for tomorrow’s web developers. We want cryptography with zero disclosure in the hands of each user on the Internet. Continuing the development of the LEO programming language, we hold seminars for developers, such as LEO in ZK Hack to tell our community about the power of zero knowledge.
Aleo paves the way to evidence with zero disclosure on the Internet, and we want to welcome developers all over the world to experience the power that this technology offers. Join us today.



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