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We recently published a new article all about using underfloor heating under carpet at https://soleheat.co.uk/underfloor-heating-carpet — check it out

Thank you for visiting the Soleheat — the underfloor heating store. We hope you find our range of underfloor heating products, underfloor heating kits, manifolds, profix kits and plumbing supplies, We pride ourselves on stocking the highest quality products to ensure that your underfloor heating system delivers all you expect post installation. We work with a number of private customers, plumbers, underfloor heating installers and merchants. Therefore feel free to get directly in touch with one of the Soleheat specialist team to discuss your specific requirements, whether that be a bespoke underfloor heating kit you would like designing or a specific thermostat.

Soleheat supply underfloor heating supplies to plumbers and builders throughout the UK. We have put together a range of our own high quality underfloor heating kits, and also sell individual supplies such as manifolds, thermostats, profix kits and accessories.

Whatever you needs, visit Soleheat today and order your underfloor heating kit at the best possible price.

Soleheat Limited was formed when the directors of the business, one a former plumber and and one a construction engineer, realised that there was no reliable supplier of underfloor heating kits and plumbing accessories online in the UK.

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