Dear Mark Ruffalo: Casting trans actors
Lola Phoenix

well i read your article, i actually agreed with your main idea even tought i don’t fully share all of your arguments. 
But still, i agreed with you… And then i read the comments and i’m starting to question if i did right or wrong.

For one, i did not expect for a moment that you would be so rude with polite “CIS” white males trying to hold a polite conversation with you. I mean, i understand the dissmissal in the rude comments but please, some of theese people are only trying to UNDERSTAND you better, treating them like garbage just because they are “CIS” is the very same kind of violence you’re fighting against.

Hipocrisy much?

Also since you’re either gonna explode in this comment or just tell me to “Go away” because i partly dissagre with you i would like to invite you to rethink your Modus Operandi. Maybe you will find that most cis/white males actually want to be nice people.

Believing the contrary is like saying that all muslims are terrorist, or that all Germans are Hitlers.

it’s just plain IGNORANCE.

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