A lot of times as budding writers, look for exposure for their writing, and also hope for an avenue to bring in revenue.
Ever wondered how you can make some money from writing about topics or projects that interest you?
I think it’s best you stop wondering and get writing!

CateredContent is a platform that ensures users can get rewarded via cryptos, for creating posts related to projects managed by organizations that are in partnership with CateredContent.

CateredContent was established in 2018, and they have been waxing stronger ever since. They have made improvements on the platform, and currently employ a ranking system that ensures that users higher up the ranks get rewarded more for their activities on the community.

To sign up on CateredContent is straightforward, and can be done in a few minutes.
First of all, Go to

-Next it is important to go to the “accounts”, where you can edit your profile, input your steemit username, ethereum address, and also links to your social media page, such as medium, and twitter.
-Once this step is completed, you can submit an entry for any open contests, by uploading the links to the social media pages you shared your article to.

Once the contest is over, feedback will be provided, showing how many tokens every participant that followed the instructions won.

Participating more frequently and publishing articles of high quality ensures that the users ranks higher.

The value of most tokens might not be very high at the moment, so I will stop short of calling the opportunity created by CateredContent life changing. However, depending on where you are hold up in the world, it can actually be lifechanging for you.
What I do know for sure is that it is a game changer, seeing that it gives writers something to write about. In doing this, their writing skills are brushed up, and they have content that ensures that audience grows gradually.

The financial reward attached is also a plus.
For those that also dream of owning cryptos, this might just be the opportunity you have been looking for.

All in all, from my own personal experince, it has been a great ride, and I don’t think I will be quitting anytime soon!
See you on the sunny side.



An escape into a reality, where I am el jefe..... This is why I write.

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O Príncipe Branco

An escape into a reality, where I am el jefe..... This is why I write.