Not So Corporate Headshots | UX/UI Designers in Chicago

You might not know it, but Laurentina Photography specializes in corporate (and not-so-corporate) headshots. We do both on-location and studio headshots for professionals in the DC Area and beyond.

UX Designer Michelle M. Kuah (Photo credit: Laura Kuah of Laurentina Photography)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago (the city of my birth) to visit my sister Michelle (who recently moved there to take on Designation, the Chicago UX/UI bootcamp. During my quick visit to the Windy City, I had the opportunity to also meet some of her colleagues from the Ruby Cohort and help them create fresh, flattering and professional headshots + images for their portfolio.

A long day of shooting = a hungry me! Photo credit: Laura Kuah of Laurentina Photography

When you are the face of your business (or design work), a corporate headshot (with a backdrop and flash… gross!) simply won’t work. You want a photo that represents you and your work in the best possible light. For young designers in this new and ever-changing field, this visual presence is even more crucial for their success.

Two designers testing out a prototype for the Vitrima 3D lens! Photo credit: Laura Kuah of Laurentina Photography

Ladies and gents, may I present to you the recently graduated UX/UI designers in Chicagoland and beyond! Best of luck as you conquer the world with your newly documented professional presence!

To see more of my headshots, please take a look at the gallery.

Location: Designation Labs, Merchandise Mart Plaza, Chicago, IL