Tolerance is not a moral precept
Yonatan Zunger

i started agreeing with everything, but when it came down to religious fundamentalists and non-heterossexual people it didn’t really stand.

i think it’s at least naive to say anti-LGBT religious people are like that in good faith. they don’t really believe the existence of lgbt people harms the entire comunity. they don’t claim the very extinction of non-straight nad non-cis people will save them too. they don’t need to be saved, ’cause they’re not really in jeopardy, since they’re not lgbt. whoever isn’t will go to heaven and whoever is won’t, cause they’re sinners who’ll either repent by no longer being who they are or go to hell. like literally. christian people don’t really believe they’re directly affected by the existence of gay and bi people. i mean, if someone “is turned gay”, that’s “bad and needs to be corrected”, but if that person “stays gay”, cis straight christians are still well and safe, because they’re cis and straight, and god loves them.

anyway, i completely agree with the proposal of your article and with most of what you said in it, but i think you made a mistake while working on that part.

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